current obsession.
I'm in tennessee!

hello monday

hello rainy day - it rained all night and looks like it will be raining all day.  it sure does make me want to have a nice lazy day!

hello kevin - he comes home tomorrow!  so excited with what all we will do!

hello garden - last week, my brother-in-law and I began on my garden!  I can't wait to work the ground a little more!

hello pictures - finally, I am getting around to organizing and editing pictures from our wedding and honeymoon.  and by editing, I mean looking up tutorials on the internets because I have no idea what I'm doing!

hello exercise - a friend and I had our first exercise date yesterday afternoon. we walked three miles! three! go us :) we vowed to both keep it up.  unfortunately it's raining, so now walking in the park today!