hello monday
He is risen!

i should have gone to sleep when i was sleepy.

Disclaimer: I wrote this last night when I couldn't sleep.

#1 - Yep.  and now it is 11:30 and I cannot sleep.  So instead of laying in bed and being frustrated that I cannot get to sleep, I threw in the towel and got up.  Now I have eaten 6 pizza rolls, drank a ginormous glass of water, and am now watching the 3rd season of Big Bang and updating my apps on my lovely iphone while writing this.  and by writing, I mean physically with pen to paper.  Some time during high school, my classmates progressed from hand writing their rought drafts of their papers to typing the rought drafts.  yeah...that never happened with me.  I always have the need to hand write everything I do before I type it.  I just need to see it in front of me, on paper first. 

*for the record, I do not want to be awake at night.  I like to sleep when it is dark out and be awake and productive when it is daylight out.

#2 - I had something else I was going to put here, but I cannot remember what.  Oh well, I just ate a delicious cupcake.

#3 - I added to my herb collection today!  I got some peppermint, some chocolate mint, and a cayanne pepper plant.  Hooray!  Why does the earth tempt me so?  i'm so in love with everything plants.  I cannot get enough.  I also got a garden rake. So I can now finish cleaning up my garden a little more before I get my wonderful brother-in-law to come disc up the land a little bit more so I can plant in two weeks! I heard from my f-i-l that his dad said to always plant at Easter.  So the time is near!

#4 - I also acquired a flat of succulents today.  And as of today I am planning to split them with Jessica, but she has not gotten them yet so we'll see how that goes ;) Just kidding jessica!  I have always admired succulents, but only from the standpoint of just looking at them.  I had never considered planting them because a) you don't cook with them & b) they are sorta expensive at Wal-Mart.  Unfortunately Wal-Mart is the only place around here that has garden stuff.  Well, besides Barrett's, but I always feel so intimidated to go there.  Pretty much because I don't know what I'm doing and they're gonna think I'm a nut case when I go in there and tell them what I want and it doesn't make sense, but I don't know that.  Ha ha. anyways...chasing rabbits here.  I am excited about my succulents and would like to find something neat to do with them (thanks Pinterest).  So far, most of the projects I have liked will require a lot of these little bitty plants.  Oh, well.  I'm sure I will figure it out!