He is risen!
hello monday

finally friday.

although I say it's finally friday, the day of the week does not mean much to me since I do not work.  my weeks actually go by when Kevin leaves for work.  which is monday night.  anyways...this has been a pretty long week.  sunday night at about nine fifteen I got a phone call from Kevin that he had his hand closed in a door and broke his fingers!  His parents and I drove to his dock and picked him up and then took him to the hospital.  I have some pictures but do not have them transferred to my computer yet.  It is pretty bad and it will be about six weeks for his recovery.  

IMG_0475 IMG_1172

this is a preview of what i have been doing the past couple of weeks!  I have not liked our front yard because it really has not been taken care of besides just being mowed.  I really wanted to begin dressing it up this spring and began with the front bed, and that led into this wonderful brick path!  i'm totally in love with it now that it is finished.  I can't wait for the bed to begin sprouting it's beautifulness.  I have also been working on a garden that I need to begin planting this week or next.  It needs to be soon no matter what! this is my first year to plant a garden and I am very excited but at the same time I am hoping to not be overwhelmed.  currently I have a lot, a lot of herbs and I do not want to be overwhelmed by how many I have and just give up on them.  Because I really love them. I love the idea of cooking with fresh herbs and plants.   IMG_0350IMG_0421 IMG_1178

so that's it for now!  byeeee