finally friday.
hello monday

hello monday

good morning!  it is another hello monday post!  Sorry I have been missing from blogland these past two weeks...a lot has been going on around here :)

hello warm weather - hopefully the cold of the winter is gone and now spring and summer can come at me!

hello chicken coop - this past saturday we started working on my chicken coop!  I got some of it built with Kevin's supervision and then my wonderful, best brother-in-law ever helped me do some more.

hello garden - I feel like this might be a repeat but I will hopefully get my garden planted this week!  I had to take a detour and take care of my chickens first but now the garden is on my agenda.

hello second week with kevin - this is the second week with Kevin to be home.  we have his first post-op appointment this wednesday.  pray that his hand is healing like it should!

hello clean out - also on the agenda for this week is getting more stuff cleaned out of my house!  we have seriously been on a cleaning binge lately and if we don't need it and I don't want it, then it's gone.  

hello birds - I have a ton of birds that flock to my backyard and love to eat off the bird feeder!  I have never enjoyed watching them so much before, I think something changes when it's my own house.

What are you saying hello to this week?? :)