sitting in the dark.
an herbal love affair {basil}


well. my brother has graduated college!  I'm so very proud of him! It was great to go up there to Starkville again.  I went there for a couple of years and although I ended up at Southern, I loved it up there!  we had a nice lunch with the family at Oby's, a cajun style restaurant up there.  They have these large plastic cups, and like a weirdo, I collected everybody's and brought them home!  I love these cups, they are so large and perfect for a big cup of water or sweet tea.  I plan to keep them for as long as I can, seeing the logo reminds me of the good memories I have from up there.  Anyways, I so enjoyed the time I got to spend with Adam. He is so fun! We went back to his apartment and then ended up meeting back up again at the book store.  Another place that holds a lot of memories.  

Kevin and I also had everyone over for lunch on Friday after our morning service.  That was a learning experience!  I have never served anybody besides Kevin, Kendall, and Jared.  At least for a meal like that.  In total we had ten people!  I cannot wait to do it again.  I made my very first pound cake and it turned out good.  I was so relieved that it all turned out great and everyone enjoyed themselves.

have a great week!