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happy sunday y'all.

saturday rambling.

hello blogland! I almost got lost this morning in all those great blogs out there.  it all started with a pin I saw on pinterest (as a lot of things in my life now---completely addicted!) that led me to a blog about saving money and budgeting and I just got sucked in!  I'm not sure how to properly credit this blog, but it is called Living Well Spending Less and I totally loved reading her posts!  You should go check it out if that kind of thing interests you.  I really wanted to write a post this morning so I caught myself from reading too much of it but I am definitely going back sometime soon! Other blogs that I have read and been inspired by are the reason I wanted to write a blog!  I guess it's kinda how they say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  I don't want to be exactly like the blogs I follow, I just hope to make other people feel the way I feel when I read my favorite blogs if that is possible.  :)  

Currently I am listening to Pandora and planning my grocery shopping trip.  Even tho it is already 9 o'clock in the morning, I do enjoy going grocery shopping in the mornings!  When I worked every weekday, it was always on Saturday but now that I have a different work schedule it is a little bit different but definitely in the morning.  I love grocery shopping and try to work my schedule around when there is the least amount of people there so it is not too crowded and therefore aggravating. I believe that everything you do can be enjoyable as long as you give yourself sufficient time to accomplish your tasks and you have a positive outlook.  Usually when deciding  what things I want to do, I decide what I want more and do that and whatever it takes to make that enjoyable.  Does this make sense?  For example: I like to wake up early(ish) and on my own.  Well in order to do that I choose to go to bed early because this allows enough sleep for me and makes it easier to wake up in the morning. Now, I don't always get to do things my way and I don't live in a little happy world where everything works out perfect and everything is always happy, but I do try!

Well, let me get off here and go to grocery store before I mess up my plan and it gets too crowded!