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August 2013

it's already august.

Oh my gosh, it is! It is already August.  So much has happened this summer!  Well, I got a job.  At first it was part time and then about a month into it, it turned into full time!  I am totally loving it.  I have been there for almost two months now and I am so glad to be working there.  About this time at my last job, (excluding the bean) I was already hating my job.  So I'm very thankful and loving this job!

On another note, Kevin got to go back to work!!! We were so ecstatic that he was released.  I will admit it was a long three weeks.  Luckily I had work constantly and things to do almost every evening.  He just got home a couple days ago and we pretty much have not stopped since.  It's like, even though we are having fun, I still feel like it's so tiring because we never stop.

This afternoon when I was watering my chickens, Kevin saw that I had an egg!  SOOOO I jumped up and down a little bit and looked some more and found three more eggs!  My chickens have finally began laying eggs! I was getting a little burnt out on them.  Even though I knew they were going to lay eventually it seemed to take forEVER! 

So I am going to go now :) byeee!