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Happy Saturday Y'all!

Happy Saturday!  Boy am I glad for a day to just sit at my house and not do too much of anything.  So far I have just watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  It just ended and now Harry Potter is coming on.  Oh snap.  I could never get tired of watching these movies.  They are so familiar and such a part of my growing up. 

Well, my basil died :( so sad.  it froze this past week.  I knew it was coming and still didn't attempt to try to save it.  So I was prepared.  I am excited because I did get some cinnamon basil seeds in the mail aaaand I do have some indoor basil!  I was able to save a few plants such as my mint, lemon balm, oregano, and the others that were in pots that I could move underneath the carport.  I would like to try to dry some herbs to mix in with my chicken feed and just to have some.  I guess I will just have to experiment a little bit. 

This afternoon I plan to clean a lot of my pots that I am not using currently. That should be an adventure!  I want to get a compost pile started.  I have a bunch but I would love to have it near my chicken coop and to make like walls or something.  I'm not really up on my compost making.  So it will be a learning experience.  Ok. time to go get started!

blogging from work :)

yes, you read that right. I am at work, I got a job and I love it!  I am an assisant at a local trucking company.  But don't let my title fool you, I pretty much do everything that they need me to do.  From faxes and emails to handling our OSHA  requirements and such.  I love my boss and the people I work with.  It is so nice to have a job again!

Last year when I lost my job I was so relieved, I hated it there.  I thought that coming home and being a housewife would be perfect for me because of how miserable the environment and job was where I was.  But then as time went on I began to be bored and I was pretty lazy for a while.  When I have no focus, being a stay at home wife was not for me.  I do, however, miss being able to just go and do anything anytime and anywhere with Kevin!  That's the only problem I have with working. 

So anyways, I am at my job and I love it!  And they love me yay :)


Day 3: Drink more water

For some reason on Friday I woke up with this idea that I was going to drink more water that day and for all the following.  I lost count of how many ounces I drank but I'm pretty sure it was around 200 ounces.  Day 2 was Saturday and I went to Hattiesburg with my mother and I did not do well at all.  I drank maybe three or four large cups of water.  so that's about 64 ounces at the most.  Today is day 3 and I have been doing much better!  I had at least 48 ounces before church and I have probably had twice that if not more!  It's almost like I cannot get enough!

I have been getting lots of eggs from my chickens.  It's amazing how much fun it still is!  I got my first eggs on August 1 and I have been getting about two or more every day since then!  Two weeks ago my girls really kicked it up a notch and I was getting about five a day.  I'm still getting 3-4 now. 

Tonight I hung out with my brother-in-law and his new girlfriend.  This is the second time we have gotten to kinda hang out and I really enjoyed it.  She's really sweet and fun to talk to.  Which I am glad for!  I just love romances old and new.  It makes my heart happy. 

Well every time I type up a long post my dogs mess it up and I get frustrated and end up not posting.  I am going to get better at posting because I love to read blogs and want to do the same for other people!  Until next time :)