Spring time is here!
I love my job.

The Winter that Won't Give Up

I have been researching fitness blogs and found this saying on one of them (Fit Bottomed Girls).  I feel like this truly is the winter that won't give up.  Every time it warms up enough for me to get outside to my yard and do stuff, the very next day it is cold again.  Luckily I think my yard guy (brother-in-law) is going to mow my yard today!  Which I think is great b/c there are all these splotchy patches growing everywhere and they are getting huge. 

My herbs are doing great!  I am currently building a new chicken coop and cannot wait to plant a garden where my old coop was.  Maybe ths weekend I can do some more work on it.  I have two more walls to build and then I will put them all up!

I did my first workout in, like, two weeks last night.  Although half the time I spent laying on my mat looking up fitness people to follow on twitter, I am still considerably sore  I had not exercised te whole tmie Kevin was home and my body was craving some exercise.  That little bit did the trick and I hope thatI don't go tha long with no exercise again.