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Day 8: Rest Day

Today is the 8th day since I began working out and I decided that I need to rest.  I have been doing an ab work out for six days now and I have been jogging for at least twenty minutes every day since Saturday.  Yesterday after my workout I read a blog post about over-working your body.  At the time i did not give it much thought until this morning when I had trouble fully waking up and getting uot of bed.  With the article in the back of my mind, I became concerned that I did push too much to begin with.  So today I am just gonna let my body rest and recover.  But, I am feeling much better and healthier!  I plan to keep on this healthy track and exercisig kick for a better lifestyle.


The Beginning.
A couple of weeks ago, I was looking on Pinterest and stumbled upon a pin about crossfit at home.  While I had heard the term before, I did not know much about crossfit.  Curious, I followed the link to a blog about a woman who does crossfit.  I had been wanting to begin some kind of exercise and after reading post, it inspired me to begin.  I wouldn't claim to be someone who does crossfit, but looking at how people's bodies ar changing by their exercise routines, it sure does keep me inspired to continue to work out!  After a couple of days, I began to tell that my body was slowly changing.  I was so excited! Kevin works offshore and once he was home, I did not keep up the exercising asmuch as i had been doing.  He left 9 days ago and I began to pick back up exercising every day.

When I played softball in junior college, I trained like I had never imagined training before.  According to our trainer, we trained more than the football team.  As a pitcher, I trained with the other pitchers and catchers even harder than the rest of the team.  After practice, we would run on the soccer field usually for an hour.  It was long and hard to do, but looking back at how I felt, it was probably the best feeling I have ever had.

When I began my ab workouts, I did not intend to do any kind of jogging or running.  That changed this past Saturday when I walked across the field to my in-law's house.  On the way back, I could tell that my dog wanted to run but she also wanted stay with me.  So we ran!  And that quick sprint was all I needed.  After that mnute or two, I continued on for at least fifteen more minutes.  The next day when I woke up, I could not decide if I wanted to run or not.  Finally I thought, what the heck, and got out of bed and put on my running shoes.  Since then, I have jogged every day.

The Pact.
Kevin has been a great encourager for me this whole time.  I know he really wants me to be happy and healthy so when I sobbed to him one morning because I was "fat" he said that if I was that unhappy then he would push me.  For the most part I have resisted him.  This past Friday night in our phone conversation, I mentioned that I wanted to fit into a pair of my old blue jeans by Easter.  We talked some more about it, and we came up with an agreement:

If I could lose two pants sizes by Easter weekend, then I could spend $200.00 on clothes.

I have been tweeting my progress with the tag #2sizesbyeaster.  I have another pair of jeans that I barely can fit into now, so this Friday I plan to try them on to see how far I have come.  Fingers crossed that they fit me!

Up until now I have only done four moves in sets of fifteen:
1 - sit ups
2 - ab pulses
3 - reverse sit ups
4 - push ups
I am going to add in more moves starting tomorrow:
1 - lunges
2 - burpees
I am loving my exercises and look forward to doing them every night.

I haven't done much to my eating except that I am being more conscious of how much I eat.  I feel like I eat moderately healthy, there are just some tweaks to my regular diet I make.  I am not starving myself by no means; I eat when I'm hungry, I just stop when I'm not hungry anymore.  I am also using an app, my fitnesspal, to track my caloric intake, water consumption, and exercise.  It is so interesting and eye opening to see the way all of these factors work together.  Yesterday was my best day ever!  I can't wait to see the imact all of these things will have on my life!