Sunday Funday
I Love Running! (When I'm Done)

BFFs (Best Fitness Friend)

Lately, I have really been on this exercising and fit life kick. It really consumes my thoughts and I love the happiness I get from exercising. Because it consumes my thoughts, it's pretty much all I wanna talk about. Lucky for me, I have a BFF whom I can share all my fit thoughts with. Not only is this girl my bestie, but she is also my best fit friend! One of the sites I follow, Fit Bottomed Girls, celebrated a best fit friend week last month! Well I know without any kind of consideration or extra thought that mine is Jessica! Here is the main thing about her and even our friendship with each other, actually, we are always building each other up! Another thing is we don't even like any of the same exercises but we each encourage one another and I think that goes a long way! Yay for BFFs!