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I Love Running! (When I'm Done)

I do love running.  I haven't always loved it, though.  Mostly I have discovered how much I took it for granted.  After years of being an athlete and training for softball, I did not do many things that involved exercise of any kind once I was no longer involved in sports.  During my time of being a high school and college athlete, I never even gave much thought to running.  In fact, it was something I usually dreaded and often hated doing.  Oh, how naive was I!  A few years later, I began to miss it.  I couldn't understand my feelings, but could I have actually liked running??

Fast forward to 2014.  I found this success story of a woman losing all her baby weight and even more by doing this thing called crossfit.  While I don't have any baby weight, I do have some weight that I don't want to have anymore!  For some reason, her story has stuck with me and inspired me to begin exercising on my own.  I do some of the crossfit workouts but I do not claim to be a "crosfitter" lol.  I have begun running several times a week and try to do some kind of strengthening workout in the evenings.

I really love running, especially early in the morning before work.  It makes my day go so much better and I feel a whole lot better throughout the day.  Plus, if I go ahead and do it first thing, it helps me from pushing it off until later and later until I just say I'm gonna do it tomorrow.  In the morning is also a good time because the Mississippi heat is killer after the coolness of the morning disappears into the humidity.  Unfortunately, with Kevin being home, we stay up later than normal which makes it more difficult to wake up early in the morning.  

I think most of all, I just want to be someone who can just go running and run for like, an hour or something.  I took it for granted before when I used to be able to do that, but I won't take it for granted again.