home improvements {kitchen}
he's home!!

that's so pinteresting {painted terra cotta pots}

the idea:
a ladies night is needed by a group of reunited grade school friends

the start:
first, a shared pinterest board was created for us to post projects that we would like to do.  then a facebook page was formed for communication and party invitations

the guidelines:
someone chooses to host a party and sets a date.  the pinterest board is looked at and a project is chosen.  the host provides a main meal and side dish.  the others provide a side dish and dessert.

the result:
a great evening spent with friends doing something that we all might otherwise not do on our own.  we all caught up on each other's lives and realized that although so much has changed, we are still all the same awkward teenagers who became friends in school. Our potsIMG_0891