happy Sunday y'all!
what's up wednesday!

boiled peanuts

it's boiled peanut time y'all!  And let me tell you, we have eaten peanuts like every day this past weekend.  My aunt Sharon was in town from Jackson helping my grandmother have a garage sale.  Turns out, I found some pretty good stuff there!  As if I needed any more stuff, amiright?  But one of the goodies that I took home with me actually turned out to be a great pot for boiling peanuts!  it is kind of like a doule broiler, but the pot that fits on the inside has holes in it so it acts as a strainer, too!  So cool.

So, of course after I got home from the grocery store, I couldn't wait to use it!  I put the peanuts in it, then filled it with water, and added salt.  Lots of salt.  Then Kevin left. and I wanted to go across the field to visit with my mother-in-law and autumn, but i couldn't just leave them on the stove.  A quick call and a few minutes later I had those things switched over to my crockpot!  my aunt Diane cooked her peanuts overnight in her crockpot and hers turned out great!  Later that afternoon about seven hours or so later we had yummy peanuts!  Definitely worth doing again if you can wait for peanuts!

Who else likes boiled peanuts??