happy Sunday y'all!

fitness journey update

So far I have been exercising practicaly daily since well, I don't know! I know definitely since August 11, because that's the first day I tracked a workout via  In my new years resolutions, I said I would exercise three days a week.  Well for a long time, I didn't do much.  Not even once a week sometimes.  But since about April I have been exercising a couple times a week and for a while now I have actually been exercising steadily, even working out in the morning before work and in the evening!  It is so great a feeling to exercise before work and it just makes the day go by so much better.

I really love looking at other people's motivations like on twitter or body space.  or the most part, being part of a fit family is such an encouragement.  Everyone is so supportive of everyone and it just so good and happy!  Reading fit inspiration posts and then exercising is just plain addicting too!  

I've begun an exercise program this past week for "sexy legs" by someone I follow on twitter.  It is definitely a killer workout and i am loving it!  You can look into her programs at zbody fitness inc.  Since I've gotten more into my fitness , I've been trying to do better with planning.  I printed out a calendar and have written in all my workouts and posted it on my fridge at home!  That way i can see it all the time and I've been crossing off the exercises as I do them.  It's quite fun to see that I'm getting stuff done and it is motivating to want to get the exercises crossed off!  In the side, i have written one of my favorite encouraging sayings "get it done today, the time will pass anyway"   IMG_1533

I also picked up this magnetic bulletin board from my old room at my parent's house to use.  It was a Christmas gift an old friend created for me back when i was in high school.  You can tell by the words I was a big softball player back then, haha.  Check it out ladies, she didn't need pinterest to come up with amazing DIY gifts!  :) IMG_1534
I'm going to use this as a motivational board hopefully!  At first I thought I would repaint it, but then I figured that since I'm going to be using it as motivation for exercising, I think i will leave it as is!  It can remind me of where I started from.

I have also come up with another idea, I guess to serve as motivation and a little bonus for working out.  In two months, my best fitness friend and I have planned a shopping trip to academy's around her birthday!  Hopefully they will be having a good sale and we can get some awesome fitness clothes!  So my plan is to put a dollar in a jar for every time I do a workout.  i want to use one of my old jars that I have, i think that would be super cool.  Also by doing this, I figure that at the end of every day I'll either be proud of myself or disappointed in myself haha!  I think jessica is going to do this too!  I love that we can share our ideas with each other and it's just even more of an encouragement because we just keep building on the original idea.  

Does anybody out there have any motivational techniques that really work??  I'd love to hear them!