new fourwheeler!
hello november :)

fitness challenge

Ok y'all.  Tomorrow is the first day of November and what better day to start a new fitness challenge.  I found one that I believe will definitely be a challenge but I am determined to do it!  It's also a little initimidating, but I will deal with that when it gets here.   New body november

Looking at these exercises, I think they are fantastic all-over strength building exercises and are really just ones that I get too lazy to do. haha! I also found a "Planksgiving" challenge that I thought I might would do.  But I really really hate planks.  I probably do them wrong because they hurt my shoulders and well, that's why I hate them!  Here is the challenge, I'll decide later if I'm gonna do it or not! Planksgiving

Ok now, who's with me!?!?