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healthy snacks.

So y'all.  I've been keeping foods in the house that I have to cook in order to eat.  I have a few reasons for this:  I read once that having foods in the house that you have to cook helps keep you from eating junk food!  and I love cooking yummy food so this way I have ingredients.  And the main reason: food that is healthy and good for you does not usually come prepackaged and takes some effort to prepare.

Sometimes I can get hungry, though, since I am avoiding chips and cookies and pop tarts and candy bars, etc.  But you know what, I really don't crave these foods anymore anyway so it's not hard to stay awa from them.  I do have problems keeping fresh fruits and veggies in the house because I will forget about them and then they end up going bad and I have to throw them out.  I think that's something that entices me about having a garden.  I can grow vegetables in it that I usually buy at the grocery store.

Well, to combat my lack of snacks I've been trying to find some solutions.   Of course, one of th best solutions is peanut butter!  Or a protein bar.  I actually keep a jar of peanut butter at my desk at work in case I need a quick pick me up.  haha.  But I've found that peanut butter keeps me awake if I eat it too late in the evening.  Fruit is always a good choice, my favorite is grapes.  Regular or frozen!  An easy way to make fruits and veggies easier to grab for a snack is to prep them for the upcoming week.  Which sounds easy enough, but for a procrastinator like me, it doesn't always get done!

A few weeks ago, Jessica and I made these delicious cookie dough protein balls!  Oh my word, they were delicious!  I found the recipe on Pinterest, but I followed the link to this post.  We used dark chocolate chips and also chocolate protein powder.  Can you tell we love chocolate??  I do not have a picture of them, but they don't really need one because they are so delicious!  I ate all the ones I made in like, a weekend.  

What are some other healthy snacks y'all like?