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October 2014

10 years y'all!

Y'all.  I am 26 this year and yesterday was October 8, 2014.  Ten years ago, on October 8, 2004, when we were just 16 years old, on the band bus (the "quiet bus," if anyone is wondering) coming home from a football game, this quiet boy who had a ridiculously loud truck asked me if he could call me his girlfirend.  I thought I was so smooth and cool when i replied, "Only if I can call you me boyfriend."  Of course this response totally made me irresistible.  ha! Me and kevinn
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We had no idea that night would begin our journey together that had a lot of ups(falling in love, having a lot of adventures with friends, getting married, owning a house, just being with each other) and some downs (mainly 2006.) We were on a break

j/k we were on a break but our 2006 was not Ross and Rachel 1997.

It has been such an incredible ten years building a life with this man and I love him with all my heart!  I love you, baby babes!

behaving in church.

In my fathers house
y'all, I don't really know how I'm gonna get my children to behave in church when I am always getting in trouble myself!  Kevin is always pinching me because I can't be still or quiet, haha!  Sometimes we get so tickled with each other (we're listening, we promise, Bro. Darrin!).

So, backstory: a month or two ago, our church singing group was practicing a song to sing (duh!).  On the chorus, the women would sing a part and then the men would sing a different part.  It sounded so good and just added a nice touch to the song.  At one point during practice, we were singing the chorus on repeat so everyone would get used to it and be comfortable with their parts.  After a few rounds of this, my soprano friend, Sarah, and I caught eyes and at the same time, we sang our parts in these squeaky voices.  We didn't even tell each other to do it or anything.  I thought it was so funny and we had such a good time singing like that.

Ok, so last week, someone led the song and well, if you know me then you know I just had to sing the song the same way!  It's not like I planned it or anything, just when the chorus came up, I sang in a deep voice where the "men's" part was and then I sang in a squeaky voice for the other part.  And yep, I got pinched for singing that way.  It was hilarious.