summer kinda girl :)
new fourwheeler!

yesterday was crew change day!

On the Tuesday that Kevin comes home, I get the day off from work!  As an offshore wife, crew-change day is both my favorite and least favorite day of the month.  Yesterday, it was my favorite because Kevin comes home!  And, it was a great day!  I look forward to day where I get to wake up and the morning seems to last longer.  I was able to get my exercises in and do the x-stretch from p90x, then enjoy some coffee and do some laundry!  It was so beautiful and cool outside that I opened some of the windows and turned the attic fan on!  

I had just finished lunch when Kevin pulled up in the driveway!  Usually we try to catch up on tv shows we like to watch together, but I always end up talking the whole time until the tv gets turned off and we go outside.  Yesterday we took a nice, long walk wit the dogs and it was just what we needed!  We even got to see his parents and his grandmother and Kendall!  I guess when it's pleasant outside we can't resist going outside.

I'm so glad to find my hubby back home again!