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I Heart Weekends

jalapeno poppers and healthy friendships :]

This past weekend I had a taste of some very delicious jalapeno poppers that were made by my brother-in-law's girlfriend and my friend, Autumn.  At first I was skeptical because I was unsure if I liked jalapenos enough to eat a whole one, but the taste of the bacon and cream cheese with the tangy jalapeno was amazing!  I've been growing jalapenos in my little garden with no idea of what to do with them but now I definitely have plans!

Eating those delicious treats and just seeing how much Autumn enjoys making food inspired me to begin cooking again.  I feel like I have been leaning toward doing this for several weeks now but it was like it tok this one last push to get me going.  Sunday evening I cooked some crabmeat wontons and made shrimp etouffe.  It was a lot of work cleaning up afterwards, but I've been attempting to take pre-cleaning steps before I cook, which I think is totally worth it.

It got me thinking, tho, having friends who encourge, inpire, and lift me up is pretty much the best.  Even if they don't even know they do those things for me, which makes it even better.  My closest friends give me encouragement and suppport for the things I do and this helps keep me motivated.  

My girlfriends encourage me to be a better me.  I feel inspired and uplifted when I can talk to them about exercising or cooking or creating and they can respond in ways that we encourage each other and leave each other happy after our conversation.  I have had friends who do nothing for me or sometimes even the opposite and it can be incredibly draining.  We were created to lift each other up and encourage each other.