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November 2014

thoughts about time change.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the opthalmologist (fancy word for eye doctor) in Jackson.  So I had about 4 hours driving in the car to just think about things.  I began thinking about daylight savings time and while I don't care too much about it, I did have a couple of thoughts on it.

- shorter days.  it gets dark at like, five now!
- it means cold weather is on its way.
- my eating schedule is off. makes me cranky
- my body really does sync itself with the sun rising and setting.  when it's dark I want to sleep and when it's daylight I want to wake up.  so I was waking up later and later since the sun was taking longer to rise.

- the time the sun is rising is "earlier" allowing me to wake up early again.
- this week it felt like I wasn't going into work until 9!
- colder weather means I get to have cute little fires in my chiminea and that makes me happy.

So it's not much, but there you go!

I still miss summer tho :)