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my mini-garden [winter edition]

knitting lessons learned part 2

First off, I would like to say that I am by no means an expert in knitting, just a girl who likes to knit. And also, everything that I've figured out is from trying different methods and techniques and studying what other people do, then figuring out how to make it all work for me. I think it's fun when I figure out something that I really seem to get and then I pretty much try to stick with that. I recently finished a knitting project that was not a scarf and I was so pleased with how it turned out. I learned a lot from completing this project and thought I would share some of what I learned, maybe it can help someone else too!

1 - For most of the time, I was using the wrong needles. I don't really know why they were wrong, they just did not work with the yarn very well. After pulling the knitting out for about the tenth time, I picked up different needles to use and almost I could tell an immediate difference. I think that after I knit some (a lot) more and with different yarn and needles I will be able to tell how to pick the right needles for whatever project I'm doing.

2 - Always carry your knitting with you! It started with deciding to take it with me to the eye doctor so I could knit while I waited. Basically, I wanted something else to do besides play on my iPhone so I brought my knitting along with me. Ever since, I have taken it along with me anywhere I go. I never know when I'll have the time and often I don't, but at least I have it with me in case I ever do need something to do! Like, the other day, the line at the drivethru at the bank was kind of long so it helped to pass the time.

3 - It's okay to have multiple projects going on at the same time. Y'all. I always thought that people who had multiple stitching projects going on at the same time were crazy and I just didn't understand it. Now I do. It's awesome! Although it is pretty much what I am doing all the time lately, knitting is not my only hobby. Somehow, I have discovered the joy of having multiple projects going on at once and it is awesome. I keep one project by my bed so I can knit before bed but then I also have this project that I carry around with me too! I never imagined that I would like it as much as I have.

4 - I like to stick to the same technique for a while - repitition. I said in the first post that I have known how to knit for ten years, but all I have done is a straight knit and sometimes purl only making scarves. I was somewhat intimidated by the knitting patterns and trying new things. I also didn't see any reason to move on when I was pretty content to just knit scarves just to be knitting. I taught myself a brioche stitch and right now that's all I want to do! I don't see a problem with doing things this way since repitition is key to perfecting stitches. Afterall, you have to start somewhere!

5 - People love to talk to you about what you are doing. Knitting is not as common as it once was and sometimes I notice a lot of people just watching me knit. I feel kinda weird talking about it because I just want to sit there and knit in my own little solitude. Often people are interested in at least attempting to learn how to knit even if they don't follow through.

6 - It is a great alternative to watching tv. I have been trying to find some alternatives to just coming home and turning on the tv. This is a great alternative! I will listen to a podcast or two and chill on the couch while knitting. It is a nice way to unwind and stimulate my mind a little more, as well. Doing this has easily become one of my favorite parts of my day.

Now I'm ready to go on another knitting binge! I am definitely looking forward to casting on another project this week with some of that beautiful purple yarn! Ok, ok. I actually have already pulled out my other knitting and am going to have to cast on again. Don't judge, you know you do it too! :]