my mini-garden [winter edition]
we heart knitting!

things I am excited for this season

being an offshore wife can sometimes be kinda lonely when everyone is busy and paired off wth their significant others.  it's tough, but we make it work :] one way that helps is having things to look forward to doing together!  these are a few things I am excited about:

- the new Hobbit movie.  As a family, Kevin and I have been going to see the Hobbit movies in theaters with my parents and my brother, Adam and Katherine.  The previews have been on tv in the past few weeks and it looks really good!

- going to look at Christmas lights.  There is something so magical about trees and houses and anything else wrapped in lights giving off a glow.  

- giving Kevin and the rest of our families and friends their presents!  Which aren't wrapped yet. but that's coming.

- riding around in the swamp in our big monster truck!

- hot chocolate and bon fires.

- that Christmas Eve is on a Wednesday and we get to spend it at church!

Simple enough, right?

What are y'all looking forward to??