christmas week festivities
an evening together :]


Happy New Year Y'all!

I know New Years' was last week but I had taken a break from spending a lot of time on social media during the Christmas holidays.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year! I know I did :)

This year I did not officially set any new years resolutions, but I do have a couple of goals in mind that I want to do!  In fact on January 1st, I had plans to a) move the furniture around in my pink room, and b) make cinnamon rolls from scratch!  Aaaaand I did both.  I got a Pioneer Woman cookbook for Christmas and there is a recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls in it. Plus I wanted to cook them in my cast iron skillets, which I totally love! haha.  I thought they turned out delicious and everyone else who tried them really liked them as well.  I feel like this could turn into a new obsession, making bread and dough! 


Don't those look delicious?? I think so :)

Even though I did not set an official "New Years' Resolution," I read a lot of blogs where people did have resolutions and they were so inspiring!  Like I said, I didn't set any of my own but really, aren't we all continually setting new goals as a way of our own personal growth?  I know that for myself I try to push myself to be better with my spiritual life and fitness and house keeping and cooking.  Looking back on 2014 I can see where I learned what I like to do and things that I need to work on. 

Kevin and I have a lot to look forward to in this year and I am excited to get it started!