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Friday Favorites

currently loving: cooking shows!

As on offshore wife, I am often home alone.  I don't really care for complete silence in the house so I usually turn the tv on even if I'm not watching it, just to have some background noise.  As a child, my dad always watched home improvement shows that came on early in the morning.  I always thought these were boring because it wasn't like, a  story or anything.  But I also liked them because you learned things from them!  It's the same with the car shows that I watch with Kevin.  Except for Top Gear.  If y'all don't watch BBC's Top Gear, y'all are really missing out!  

I like to cook, but I never cared for cooking shows.  I remember that my friend, Katherine-Anne, watched them and so I tried, but eh.  I didn't feel like it was for me.  Probably about several months ago, I had the tv on while I was vacuuming our bedroom and I was scrolling through the channels and I saw that Haylie Duff had a cooking show.  I had always loved Hilary in Lizzie McGuire so I was entrigued and turned it on.  

I don't know if it is because I am older and more into growing my own food and having chickens and all that jazz, but I was hooked.  Her food looked so good!  I loved all the ingredients she used and the dishes she put together.  And she is very health-conscious about herself and that makes the ingredients all fresh and amazing.  This led me to looking at other shows on the cooking channel to see what else I could find.  I began recording several shows, including Real Girl's Kitchen and the Pioneer Woman.  For Christmas, I got cookbooks from both of those women and I love them!

This past weekend, I discovered another cooking show that I liked!  So I don't have a huge arsenal of cooking shows that I record and watch allll the time but I'd like to introduce three of my favorites.

Real Girl's Kitchen - This is hosted by Haylie Duff.  I really liked her cooking style and all the healthy ingredients she uses!  Also, the direction of the show and the filming and just the colors and shots are so pretty and light.  It makes me happy to watch it!

The Pioneer Woman - Hosted by Ree Drummond.  Y'all. The food she makes. It just looks amazing!  I always get hungry watching her show and then I get inspired to just get up and go cook wonderful foods. It is so inspiring because she is very clear on her directions and shows a lot of steps of the process.  She also does this with her cookbook, which I got for Christmas.

Kelsey's Kitchen - This is a new show I just discovered this past weekend, but oh my goodness y'all, I just love it!  I've only seen a few episodes, but from what I can tell, she goes to these funky classes like, meat butchering and pickling, then goes home and uses what she's learned to make her own variations.  Now that is just cool, don't you think?

Now I've got to go cook something!  What are some shows y'all like, I wanna know!