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Farm Dreaming

cattle ranch quote.jpg

I have grand dreams of living on a farm and I know that I’m not alone in these dreams.  I think it’s a romantic notion to live on a beautiful, happy farm that has been further encouraged by movies and books and magical pictures of sunsets over pretty fields.  I know I’m not the only one to drool over lush gardens and grassy fields that I see on Pinterest.  

In high school, my best friend lived across from a cow pasture.  Y’all. I loved to go there in the spring and smell that wonderful cow smell and watch the calves.  You know what smell I’m talking about!  I can almost smell it right now just picturing how I used to sit in front of her open window and take in the “country life.”  My cousins’ other grandfather had “oreo” cows and a covered place where there were piles of hay bales for us to play on.  I was in love.  Add to that, the couple of trips we took to Tennessee to visit my dad’s family where they had dairy cows.  

Like, how wonderful and great does the life on a farm sound?  I was ecstatic when the hubby and I moved to our house and there were horses and my in-laws planted a huge (to me, small to some) garden with corn and watermelon and squash.

I've been seriously garden dreaming since October when all my beautiful plants started dying.  I already know that I adore my precious chickens and I love to grow my own herbs and veggies!  Lately I've been doing some farm dreaming of my own.  

I am dreaming of beautiful fields in the early morning:

morning cows.jpgmorning cows2.jpgmorning cows3.jpg1/2/3

I dream of selling delicious produce at farmer’s markets:

farm stand1.jpgfarm stand2.jpgfarm stand3.jpg1/2/3

Daydreams of picking blueberries and figs and canning:

blueberries in a bucket.jpgcanning-blueberries-suvir-18.jpgfigs in basket.jpg


And don’t forget the barns and barn parties:

yellow barn.jpgbarn party1.jpgred barn1.jpg


Finally, the best of all, farm houses anyone?