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Friday Links

Hey y'all!  Here's some interesting things I've found around the internet lately :)

finding your passion to do what you love!

This article hit home for me because I feel the same way sometimes.  It’s hard to let things just roll off your back when they’re not going your way.

Every heard of angry cleaning??

Really love this post on 50 shades of grey…kinda echoes my thoughts on it. 

This food marketsounds pretty magical!

Love this idea of a reverse lent challenge!  Maybe it will carry on after this season is up.

In the third paragraph of this article is detailed a way to get rid of what you don’t use!  I may have to try it… 

Sometimes encouragement comes from a random and unexpected source like this.

my God is all-knowing

y'all I think it is just so amazing how God can use anything to speak to you and he knows exactly what you need and when you need it!  I was feeling a little worrisome about the future and what is going to happen when I got the daily text from my preacher.  It reads:

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.  Matthew 6:34

Even though I know this verse and love it, it is still good to have it called back to mind every once in a while!  Especially at just the instant that you need this encouragement.

home alone goals 2/24

Well y'all, it's that time again.  Time for my two weeks without the hubby being home.  It's always hard for us to part and I don't really know how long two weeks feels to other people, but it feels long and short all at the same time.  I look back at the last two weeks and realize that a lot actually happened and wonder how it all fit into those two weeks when they seem like they went by so quickly.  So maybe that's how days work, the days are long but the weeks seem short.  

I don't know why I feel this way, but every time he leaves, I make mental plans for things that I want to accomplish before Kevin gets back home.  Maybe it is because there is more of a time restraint and that way there is more of a deadline for me to aim for.  Who knows!  Anyway here are my home alone goals for this hitch:

- Clean out pink room.

- Redo open cabinet decorations.

- Bathroom closet and shelves.

- Meal Prep.

- Etsy shop opening.

- A lot of knitting and exercising!!!

I'll try to check back in as I do these things, what do y'all think? :)

Farm Dreaming

cattle ranch quote.jpg

I have grand dreams of living on a farm and I know that I’m not alone in these dreams.  I think it’s a romantic notion to live on a beautiful, happy farm that has been further encouraged by movies and books and magical pictures of sunsets over pretty fields.  I know I’m not the only one to drool over lush gardens and grassy fields that I see on Pinterest.  

In high school, my best friend lived across from a cow pasture.  Y’all. I loved to go there in the spring and smell that wonderful cow smell and watch the calves.  You know what smell I’m talking about!  I can almost smell it right now just picturing how I used to sit in front of her open window and take in the “country life.”  My cousins’ other grandfather had “oreo” cows and a covered place where there were piles of hay bales for us to play on.  I was in love.  Add to that, the couple of trips we took to Tennessee to visit my dad’s family where they had dairy cows.  

Like, how wonderful and great does the life on a farm sound?  I was ecstatic when the hubby and I moved to our house and there were horses and my in-laws planted a huge (to me, small to some) garden with corn and watermelon and squash.

I've been seriously garden dreaming since October when all my beautiful plants started dying.  I already know that I adore my precious chickens and I love to grow my own herbs and veggies!  Lately I've been doing some farm dreaming of my own.  

I am dreaming of beautiful fields in the early morning:

morning cows.jpgmorning cows2.jpgmorning cows3.jpg1/2/3

I dream of selling delicious produce at farmer’s markets:

farm stand1.jpgfarm stand2.jpgfarm stand3.jpg1/2/3

Daydreams of picking blueberries and figs and canning:

blueberries in a bucket.jpgcanning-blueberries-suvir-18.jpgfigs in basket.jpg


And don’t forget the barns and barn parties:

yellow barn.jpgbarn party1.jpgred barn1.jpg


Finally, the best of all, farm houses anyone?



Baby Steps

A lot of times, I've discovered that when I get unhappy with my house, it's because I'm feeling weighed down.  When I've let things drag on and just continue to be messy and cluttered.  When this happens, I feel myself being bummed out and unmotivated because of all of my stuff.  This begins a vicious cycle of my productivity slowing down until I am just barely doing what I need to get by.  This is definitely not a good cycle to get drawn into and after I get to this point I am anxious to clean up and sometimes clean out something.

I don't know if it's because I'm a woman and I have these mothering tendencies or feel the need to take care of everything myself, but when my house is a total mess, I just feel like I can't do anything until I've taken care of the messy parts.  Welllllll when my house is full of stuff that is just strewn everywhere it is kind of hard to do what I really want to do.  I have decided that the way to beat this cycle is by taking baby steps to build a good routine.  

When I am at work, I clean off my desk at the end o the day.  I usually make a list of what needs to be done for the next day and I put up my unfinished work in a tray so I can pick back up where I am the following day.  It makes a difference in my productivity coming into the office the next day when my desk is all clean versus when it is covered in papers and work.  Plus it looks so much better than when it is covered in paperwork. steps.  I've been (trying) to really do this in my kitchen daily.  But it is so much easier to let the dishes continue to pile up and I know I am guilty of letting the pots "soak" overnight.  My mother always, always cleaned the kitchen every night.  This was not something that stuck with m and I really wish it had.  So I try to do this, but it doesn't always happen.  

One thing that I have successfully done is keeping my bathroom counter straight!  Because I use the bathroom ever day to fix my hair and make up, it is easy to just leave it all out on the counter.  It is especially easy since I basically live by myself for half the year and rarely have people over.  So yeah, I consider it an accomplishment that I have put all my makeup and hair dryer in the bathroom closet daily.  Just please. No one look in the closet!

By doing just these small things where I pick up after myself when I'm done, I can feel my spirit lifting up and my heart being lighter when I look around my house.  It's still a little hard.  Like, my dining table chairs are still on top of the table from when I ran my roomba.  And the clean towels are still in the dryer.  But that's why they're called baby steps. :)

"Stringer's Oldfield"

Y'all know the Discover Card commercial about "frog" protection right?  Well, that totally happened to me today!!

Ok, I called a technical support line today for work and here is what happened when she was verifying our email address:

Woman: So your email is s-t-r-i-n-g-e-r-i-n-c @

Me: No, we have changed it.  It is still the first part, but at

Woman: Ok, it is [email protected]?

Me: Yes,

Woman: stringersoldfield?

Me: Yes, stringersoilfield.

Woman: s-t-r-i-n-g-e-r-s-o-l-d-f-i-e-l-d-dot-com?

Me: Wait, are you saying oilfield like o-i-l?  Or o-l-d?

Woman: Oh! Oilfield, ok.

Hilarious, right?  But y'all that's not the best part.  Her name was, wait for it, Beth!

Bible Study Week

This week we are having bible study at church with Brother Brent Long.  Last night was our first night and he introduced the topic that had been set on his heart: God's design for the family.  He asked us to keep a question on our minds throughout the week: "Is our home built and functioning based on God's design?"  This can be a really convicting thought because it is easy to lose our tempers or isolate ourselves when in the privacy of our homes.  It is also a good question to ask myself to make sure that I am following God's will for acting as a wife.  I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the week!  Join us at 7:00 every evening. Genesis 2.18

Ecclesiastes 4.9-12


comfort from above.

I am very much a routine person.  When things start changing, I begin to feel something within me start to stress out.  I know this and as much as a try to stay calm, I still become anxious and worry about what is happening.  

This past few weeks there have been a good bit of changes.  At the time, it was very stressful and I was worried about what was going to happen.  I've talked about this before with this post and I tried to keep this in mind.  But still, I can't control myself!

Looking back, I see that God had it all in his hands this whole time. I'm grateful to Kevin and Jessica for keeping me grounded and helping me to keep my head.  But I know there was a plan all along and now that we are over that hump, everything has worked out! 

6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7 has come to my mind this week and really, I love the beautiful words contained in the letters in the New Testament.  When you read them you can't help but hear the truth and power of the Word.  God wants us to go to him with everything and he will provide.  He doesn't want us to worry about life, it only takes away from him.  But when we let God take care of everything we move closer to him and he is glorified.