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Weekend in Starkville!

This past weekend I took a quick trip up to Starkville to see my brother and my bestie!  It was a nice trip, I was able to take both of the dogs with me since they have a little bit more space for all of us.  I was not sure how the dogs would handle a long road trip but it turns out they are great travel companions!


I made it to Starkville late (for me) Friday night and we spent the rest of the night just hanging out and talking.  Saturday morning was spent drinking coffee and letting the dogs play together in the yard.  

IMG_3264 IMG_3273

Later Katherine and I went to town to go to a few shops.  There are several new places that were not there when I went to school there and it was exciting to go to those.  There is this place called Sprout that had a pretty neat entrance and front yard.  First of all, it's my favorite style of shop because it used to be a house and was transformed into a business.  But the best part was the rosemary bushes growing in the front! Katherine and I just ran our hands through the shoots.  Which resulted in our hands smelling like rosemary all afternoon.  There were also these raised garden beds that are going to be so beautiful when spring finally arrives!  That day they only had broccoli and kale planted.


We also went downtown to the coffee shop where Katherine works and to a neat store called Aspen.  They had a lot of cute knick knacks along with a lot of candles.  I found a couple of things that I wanted but held off.  I'm trying to be more deliberate about where my spending money is going.  Probably one of the coolest things I saw was at the coffee shop.  The entire back wall was covered in industrial baking sheets!  I love finding little creative aspects that add  to the overall feel of a place without being really obvious.


I was a little sad to leave my friends so soon but was very glad to be in my own bed on Sunday night!  Me and the dogs had a quiet trip back home.  They took turns napping and chewing on the bones I got them for the trip while I listened to the Creative Start Podcast.  I am looking forward to when I get to go back, but definitely not that drive!