happy wednesday y'all!
the gardening diaries: the beginning

true confessions of quitting my job

As you can tell from the title, I have resigned from my job.  This happened about three weeks ago and it was a little scary but also a relief!  Sometimes it is just time that you know you need to move on.  You may have grown all you can in a position or you are moving in a different direction personally.  Honestly, I could not have chosen a better time!  The following week, it was forecast to rain every day, but the rain never came!  As I'm writing this, I think maybe God was blessing Kevin and me to have a much needed week together that was beautiful for us to have fun!  We spent all week outside doing things around the yard and played in the swamp a couple of times.

Although I was not expecting to leave my job, I had been thinking for a while what I would do if I did not have a job again.  Although I am not completely jobless, I have big plans that I can accomplish even while I am working.  So previously, I have put up goals/plans on the blog in order to keep me accountable to getting them accomplished, (ahem, like just three weeks ago!) but I realize that does not work for me as much as I thought it would have.  In fact, doing so actually made me not want to do what I had originally wanted to do!  I have seen other people do this on their blogs and even though it worked for them, I believe it is just not something that works for me.

I just believe the last time I was unemployed I completely wasted the majority of my time off and I don't want to do that again.  God has blessed Kevin and me and I feel like I failed him last time.  This time I have spent time in prayer and plan to spend more time talking with God to ask him to lead me to his will and show Christ to all that I meet.  I hope I've gotten off to a good start and look forward to this new part of our life!  Maybe I will meet some new people and get to know some people a lot better!  

Until then :)