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the gardening diaries: abandoned (just for a few weeks)

the gardening diaries: watering

the gardening diaries: watering - the first sprout the gardening diaries: watering - the garden sprouting the gardening diaries: watering - baby veggies sprouting the gardening diaries: watering - baby corn stalks
For a couple of days I have been considering whether or not I need to water the garden.  It rained a few days after the seeds were planted, but it has not rained since.  I know that at least my tomato plants were going to need watering soon since they were already full grown.

Two Sundays ago I was ecstatic to look out my kitchen window and see the first beautiful green sprigs in the morning sunlight!  They were so pretty and cute all in their rows with the sunlight highlighting them and making them glow.  It really looked like they were glowing for real!  I went out with my rubber boots on to walk the rows and see what all had begun growing since the last time I had looked and found all the tiny sprouts everywhere.  The only row that I could tell that hadn't popped up was the okra, but I was not worried.  I just figured they would pop up eventually.

Last Friday I bought another garden hose to connect it to the one that I already had so I could reach the garden.  I watered it a little that evening.  I got about halfway through by holding the nozzle and spraying it before it got time for me to leave.  I have a sprinkler attachment and I keep saying that I'm going to attach it and water it for a while, but I just haven't done that yet.

Saturday it looked kind of cloudy like it was going to rain and Sunday looked like it was going to rain too, but it didn't rain until Monday.  It rained Monday a lot and some on Tuesday.  I was so happy to see that rain!  

Until next time!