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Sunday Crafternoon

A year's worth of pictures printed | Sunday Crafternoon
So this past week I printed out probably 300 pictures to put in a photo album.  I haven't printed pictures out in like, a year, so yeah, I had a lot to do! I've always had this idea in my head of a list of things I've wanted done, or to do, or to be doing as a mother that I have not been doing.  Well, I am about to be a mother in 5 1/2 short months so now seems like as good a time as any to get started on my list!  Although I have always admired scrapbooks and loved the idea of having scrapbooks, scrapbooking has never been something that I wanted to do.  I don't get enjoyment from planning my layouts and putting everything together.  But I do like the look of them, so when I heard about this sort of scrapbooking called Project Life, I knew it was something that I wanted to do.  There are colorful albums that are like 3-ring binders that you buy plastic sleeves that have different sized slots to put in your pictures and also the kit cards that you get.  I haven't had the passion to keep an album up-to-date but with my birthday on Sunday, I was tired of another year past by that I still had not completed an album.  

After I printed all the pictures, I sat down on my couch to begin writing the names of everyone in each picture along with the dates of the picture.  It was really tedious and took a long time, around 5 or 6 hours but also with interruptions.  I kept having to remind myself of the importance of why I was doing this.  If anybody finds these pictures and they may be out of the album or something and I want whoever finds it can know who the picture is and when it was.

Autumn's first "Post-It" Quilt | Sunday Crafternoon

On Sunday afternoon, Autumn came over and we crafted a little while and that was a lot of fun.  With the pictures all named and dated, my next step was to put them in all the sleeves for the album.  I got all the way from October of last year to the beginning of February of this year which I think is a good accomplishment!  Once I finish with all of the pictures, I plan to go back and insert all the cards and stuff into the sleeves.   While I was doing that, Autumn  was working on her first quilt!  We are calling it a "post-it" quilt because that's what she used as a pattern for cutting out her squares.  Clever, right?  I thought so :).  It is fun watching it come together and watching it grow.  I think she might use it as a baby quilt or something.  I'm planning to work on my pictures again after work and it will probably be just me, but I am looking forward to having another "crafternoon" sometime!

how in the world do i get rid of a piano??

In the first year that Kevin and I were married, we somehow got a hold of two pianos. 3 1/2 years later and we still have both (large) pianos.  I'm not a professional pianist by any means but I had always hoped that I would have my own piano when I moved into my own house.  Looking back, I shouldn't have worried because yeah, I totally have two pianos!  And I do play on both of them! Just when I'm alone because they are both completely out of tune and people don't want to listen to an out of tune song, haha.

But...two pianos in your house, in the same room, can really take up a lot of room.  We have gotten so used to them by now, but every once in a while I get to thinking about what else I own that I could put in one of those spots.  As in a bookcase, that is still at my parent's house. Or this really cool wood burning heater thing that is currently in my laundry room acting as a shelf for our overflow of stuff we don't know what to do with.

All I'm thinking is that it would be really nice to only have one piano and more room for our other stuff we really would like to use!