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November 2015

So I've been up since five. Could not sleep. But I also did not do anything besides take a shower and eat breakfast haha! Right now I'm watching the sunshine gradually fill the field that is in front of my house. It's really beautiful to watch the light gradually light up the trees at the far back and creep over the field. I have a huge picture window facing the front yard and one day I will have a matching one that will face the back yard! I think it would be so great to have that much light coming in the house. Good news! The lights in the oak tree work! There is like two strands out, but they will be easy to change out I think. I'm glad I started when it was still a little daylight outside so I could see without a flashlight. It took me a little while to gather the extension cords and then find the plug extensions on the tree. I also didn't check the cord inside and it wasn't plugged in so I thought that it wasn't working! Before I panicked too much, I decided to go check the inside plug and found it unplugged. So that was really my only issue! I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but I left it plugged in. I meant to do plug the tree in every once in a while this summer anyway because it's just pretty!! I ordered thank you cards that match the invitations that were sent out for my baby shower and they finally came in yesterday evening! I knew they were supposed to get here yesterday thanks to being able to track it. I waited all day for them to get here even though I know that UPS doesn't make it to my house until the very end of his route. I was so excited to see that truck pull into my driveway! And now I'm scared to write on the cards, haha. Not really but they're just so dang pretty!

it was not fri-yay..

So what was supposed to be a 20 minute pick me up of freshening up my room turned into a whole afternoon of washing all of my bedding. When I stripped the bed, I discovered that one of the dogs had gotten sick and vomited between the sheets the night before. Not only did I have to wash our bedding, but I also had to figure out how to clean our memory foam mattress! Naturally, I used Pinterest, haha. Unfortunately I had already begun washing our pillows before I discovered the mess between the sheets. So that was my Friday afternoon! Haha. This morning, Kevin left for work at his new job offshore. We spent the weekend together and went to Hattiesburg twice! I've been craving Cracker Barrel so he took me there to get some yummy breakfast food for lunch and then we did a little Christmas shopping. One thing we didn't get done before he left was make sure all the lights on our oak tree worked. Last year at this time, we strung lights in the oak tree in our front yard and I want to turn them on at Thanksgiving again this year. Hopefully they will all work! I lit some candles around the house today and it is nice to walk to different rooms and smell them! My mother gave me a candle that is scented fig and rhubarb, I was unsure if I would like it but it's totally my favorite of all of them!

Fri-yay. I guess?

Currently as I type this I am laying on my bed, resting. You know, they tell you when you're pregnant that you will be tired a lot but until I experienced it, I had no clue how much it would affect me. I find myself taking frequent breaks from even the simplest things I'm doing that normally I could just run straight through. And like, right now the baby is awake and constantly moving in my belly. Normally I like this, but right now, it's just making me feel like my stomach is unsettled lol. I need to change the sheets on my bed and vacuum the bedroom. I feel like it needs some freshening up and I really want to open the windows, but it's a little chilly outside! I may just do that anyway. We have one of my grandmother's paintings in here that I am anxious to get on the wall! I've got several craft projects going on right now and I'm feeling a little discouraged about them bc none of them are finished and I just want to snap my fingers and they are all done! I also think this might have to do with my pregnancy hormones too bc I am so up and down with my moods too. I've been making some headband ear warmers for Jenn and they are just so cute! Not to mention warm. I wish I had discovered this yarn earlier in my knitting journey but hey, I have it now! Ok I guess I will get myself up and freshen up this room of mine a bit!