Bump Report: 26 Weeks!
it was not fri-yay..

Fri-yay. I guess?

Currently as I type this I am laying on my bed, resting. You know, they tell you when you're pregnant that you will be tired a lot but until I experienced it, I had no clue how much it would affect me. I find myself taking frequent breaks from even the simplest things I'm doing that normally I could just run straight through. And like, right now the baby is awake and constantly moving in my belly. Normally I like this, but right now, it's just making me feel like my stomach is unsettled lol. I need to change the sheets on my bed and vacuum the bedroom. I feel like it needs some freshening up and I really want to open the windows, but it's a little chilly outside! I may just do that anyway. We have one of my grandmother's paintings in here that I am anxious to get on the wall! I've got several craft projects going on right now and I'm feeling a little discouraged about them bc none of them are finished and I just want to snap my fingers and they are all done! I also think this might have to do with my pregnancy hormones too bc I am so up and down with my moods too. I've been making some headband ear warmers for Jenn and they are just so cute! Not to mention warm. I wish I had discovered this yarn earlier in my knitting journey but hey, I have it now! Ok I guess I will get myself up and freshen up this room of mine a bit!