Fri-yay. I guess?

it was not fri-yay..

So what was supposed to be a 20 minute pick me up of freshening up my room turned into a whole afternoon of washing all of my bedding. When I stripped the bed, I discovered that one of the dogs had gotten sick and vomited between the sheets the night before. Not only did I have to wash our bedding, but I also had to figure out how to clean our memory foam mattress! Naturally, I used Pinterest, haha. Unfortunately I had already begun washing our pillows before I discovered the mess between the sheets. So that was my Friday afternoon! Haha. This morning, Kevin left for work at his new job offshore. We spent the weekend together and went to Hattiesburg twice! I've been craving Cracker Barrel so he took me there to get some yummy breakfast food for lunch and then we did a little Christmas shopping. One thing we didn't get done before he left was make sure all the lights on our oak tree worked. Last year at this time, we strung lights in the oak tree in our front yard and I want to turn them on at Thanksgiving again this year. Hopefully they will all work! I lit some candles around the house today and it is nice to walk to different rooms and smell them! My mother gave me a candle that is scented fig and rhubarb, I was unsure if I would like it but it's totally my favorite of all of them!