Meal Plan: 10/16 - 10/22
The Meal Plan Project: 10/23-10/29

Quilts and Quilting

I’ve been in the process of making things lately.  Mainly right now I have been working on a trio of memory quilts for a friend. I’m using shirts that belonged to her grandfather that her grandmother saved.  She lives on the coast so she mailed the shirts to me.  When I opened the boxes, I just sat there holding these shirts that had so much meaning to her.  For the first one, I made it the largest since it would be the one she is giving to her grandmother.  There was enough fabric left over to make two additional smaller ones that will go to her and her mother!

IMG_8041 IMG_8043 IMG_8317 IMG_8327The first quilt I made was out of baby clothes and it was so difficult!  Having no experience sewing with jersey fabric definitely made for a learning experience.  From now on, I will always use a stabilizing material on this kind of stretchy fabric.  Luckily I have an aunt who has a lot of experience so she was able to give me some pointers.

Monday I went with my grandmother to JoAnn’s which just opened up in Hattiesburg.  We had such a good time!  She was able to pick out some fabric for a receiving blanket that was so pretty!  It’s for a baby girl and has these cute little alphabet blocks on it. In August I sewed a quilt top that I thought I would make for Finley and have been waiting for a chance to get some fabric for the back of it.  I picked out some pretty blue minky fabric and also some nice striped fabric for a t-shirt quilt I’m making for myself out of my shirts from high school.  I am looking forward to finishing both of these quilts hopefully soon!


I totally have an addiction I think.