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The Meal Plan Project: October Wrap Up

The Meal Plan Project: 10/23-10/29

So I started this week off without a meal plan and Tuesday night was a disaster! I couldn't think of anything at all to cook! I have been doing this for just almost a month now and I already need it! So I sat down today and jotted one down for the rest of the week and for next week as well since I'm going to be going grocery shopping this week. We don't need much this week just a couple basics like milk and bread and other stuff! Even though before I began this little experiment I never felt stressed or chaotic at supper time about what to cook it has been really nice to just look at my notebook and see what I have planned for supper!

Sunday: Chicken Spaghetti

Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: junk food (oops)

Wednesday: Chicken Spaghetti

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Pizza leftovers

Saturday: Tacos!

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