The Meal Plan Project: 10/23-10/29
Sitting at the Table

The Meal Plan Project: October Wrap Up

Ok so first of all, wow. Tomorrow is November already! Second, I now have one month of meal planning under my belt and I'm hooked. Around three or four in the afternoon I just read my little list of what to eat that day and I go ahead and get it ready!

A lot of what we eat requires very little meal prep so that makes it easier on me. Eventually, I do intend on trying to meal prep a little more but I will work on that when I get more settled with my meal planning! I think with stuff like this it's all about the baby steps. I also want to try to store up some freezer meals mainly because I love the idea of having the meal already prepared to cook and all I have to do is put it in my crockpot or oven.

The reason I began meal planning was to save money on my grocery bill and stick to a budget. After this month, I am now a believer that it works! At the beginning of the month I set a budget of $350. This was based on what I spent in September and adjusted to how I thought I could do better. In October I spent a total of $311.93 on groceries which leaves me with $38.07! I feel like this is pretty good because once I bought peanuts to boil and a couple extras that we didn't really need. That amount also includes pizza from Pizza Hut because we got a really great coupon in the mail.

I'm going to keep the amount of $350 the same for November and see how I do this time around! Maybe I can get that number even lower this month. Although with Thanksgiving coming up, we'll just have to see how that goes! :)

Sunday: Lemon Pepper Chicken

Monday: Jambalaya

Tuesday: Hamburgers

Wednesday: Leftover Hamburgers

Thursday: Leftover Jambalaya

Friday: Cajun Chicken Alfredo

Saturday: Leftovers