Meal Plan: 11/20-11/26
Thanksgiving 2016

Make All the Balls!

So lately I've been trying to do some different recipes, mainly to add some variety for me to eat. After a while life can become monotonous and eating habits can get stuck in a rut. I was looking through my recipe books and the recur for meatballs caught my eye. I love eating meatballs but I've never made them. So onto my meal plan they went! And I think it was the best idea I had all week. I ended up making a whole batch but that was a lot of meatballs for one person at one time so I think next time I will freeze half of them before I cook them!


I had such a good success with the meatballs, when I remembered that my mom used to make these breakfast sausage balls. So I looked up the recipe for those on Pinterest and whipped up a batch! It made almost 60 balls so half of those definitely went into the freezer. I've been snacking on them for breakfast all last week because they are easy to just grab a handful for a quick breakfast. Which is good for me with an almost eleven month old to chase around! 

Making these two dishes made me think of when Katherine and I worked at the Bean together and many of the desserts we made were in ball form. I remember at one point Katherine said how much she was starting to dislike all the desserts bc of all the balls. Haha. Ah good times!