Meal Plan 11/13-11/19
A New Hitch, A New Beginning

New Phase of Life

Ah! I'm an offshore wife again! I'm glad for us to be back in a life we are used to and comfortable in. Except this time I'm doing it with an infant and an extra dog in my house. Last night as I was driving home from church, I realized that I have a couple more responsibilities when it comes to taking care of the household. Like...tending to the dogs needs more.


Taking care of a ten month old is pretty much the most exhausting thing I've ever done. It's easy to let other things get forgotten such as giving the dogs food. Not that they're starving,  it's just, I pick up their food bowl usually to keep Fin from playing in the food. Which wouldn't be a big deal except for him, playing also means sticking it in his mouth and nobody wants that!


Leaving the house is a challenge these days because Finley is usually fussing about being in his car seat and the dogs are running around my feet like maniacs because they are excited either about getting a treat or they think they're going to go for a car ride. 


Coming home, Fin fell asleep in his car seat and I was so looking forward to putting him in his crib and then getting right into bed. But then I saw my poor doggies who were so glad that I was home and I knew I had to spend some time with them. So instead of snuggling down in my bed, there the four of us were, snuggling on the couch together. I'm very positive I made the right choice, too.