The Meal Plan Project: October Wrap Up
Meal Plan 11/13-11/19

Sitting at the Table

This past week I've been trying something different. We hardly ever sit at our dinner table for meals but I want to change that. Sitting on the couch worked for us when it was just the two of us, Kevin and me, but I don't want to deal with the madness that will come from having our kids eat sitting on the couch or on the floor or anything like that. 


So this is us on the first day. Now that Finley is eating solid foods I'm slowly starting to get this breakfast and lunch thing down. My whole life after living at my parent's house I have only had to worry about myself for breakfast and lunch. Kevin just always did his own thing. Now I have another little mouth to feed and I'm finding it easier on both of us to sit at the table and eat instead of on the couch.