Snow Blizzard in Mississippi
Meal Plan No. 1: Jan 24-Jan 27

Eye surgery day.

Soo today I had what is hopefully my last eye surgery unless I get another detached retina! We had to be in Jackson at 5:30 this morning and that was rough. But I feel like everything went smoothly and on time. We were back home by lunchtime and pretty much went straight to bed. So far I haven’t had much pain, I’ve been able to just take Tylenol today.

I have an eye patch on my left eye, mainly to keep me from touching my eye while it heals. The doctor should take it off tomorrow and I’m pretty excited to see how my vision has improved. Getting a cataract after having a detached retina happened so gradually that I didn’t notice a loss of vision until it was pretty severe. I can already tell that my eye has healed some what underneath the patch because it keeps trying to open even though I can’t see anything because of the patch.

Kevin is still asleep but I’ve been up and around snacking and eating. We got lunch on the way home but I also got a whole jar of chocolate covered espresso beans. Oh my gosh I just cannot stop eating them! I finally put them up and got some applesauce. My go-to comfort food when I’m feeling sick. So far I’ve had two bowls in the last two hours! 

Both of our babies stayed the night at my mom’s last night and they’ve been there all day. I cannot wait to see them! It was Eleanor’s first night to stay away from me and I think she did pretty good! I wasn’t too worried, both of my children have turned out to be great sleepers and I couldn’t be more thankful! 

All four of us are going back to Jackson in the morning and I’m hoping for good news!