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Snow Blizzard in Mississippi

I wrote this a couple of days ago and I just realized I never published it. Oops!

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Last Friday it snowed in Mississippi! It snowed a lot, not like how in the past the weather reporters would tell us it was going to snow and then it basically sprinkled down and didn't stick. It looked like there was at least four inches on Kevin's truck.

When I would look out one of our windows, I just could not get over how beautiful the snow looked. Every time it surprised me all over again the beauty of it and how bright and white it looked. 

The day started out with Eleanor waking up at four in the morning so we got to spend some quality snuggle time in the early morning. We walked out on the back porch in the dark and looked at the white that was taking over our world. She wasn't too impressed.

I woke Kevin up early so we could go out and look around to take pictures. For the most part, everything was so still! Once Finley woke up, we got him dressed warmly and took him out to experience it. He had fun but I don't think it really made a difference to him that it was snow. Except that it was something he could put in his mouth! 

It was so magical to be inside and watch the snow coming down. We watched a Harry Potter movie and also Elf! Aaaand we (I) drank lots of coffee. I'm sure a snow like this won't happen again for another 20 years!

The snow was still on the ground Saturday so I took the opportunity to run out and made a huge snowman! The sun was out so he didn't last very long. Especially since he was leaning to the side a little already. Fin really wanted to touch it but I was trying to keep his hands out of the snow as much as I could. Before I went inside I flopped on the snow to make a snow angel too! I couldn't keep Zoey from running through it but she didn't mess it up that much!