Meal Plan No. 2
Moving The Blog!

And the Kitchen is Clean!

Ugh. Well my kitchen is clean. But it’s like eleven o’clock.  Last summer I read  a post about building habits and the author would piggy back a task onto something that would happen no matter what.  For example, she wanted to start the habit of cleaning her kitchen and dishes every night. So she attached that task to her kids going to bed. Every night after her kids would go to sleep, she would go to her kitchen and clean up. Eventually the habit stuck. 

Sooo I decided I would do it too! I needed something to get into the habit that I just was awful at doing consistently. So every night after the kids go to bed I drag myself into the kitchen and clean it up. But it still hasn’t become second nature yet.

Wait, let me clarify, almost every night I go to the kitchen. If I skip a night, I always regret it the next morning when the kitchen is messy and I have to prepare the coffee when I wake up. Especially on the hitches when Kevin is gone, having the kitchen in order and ready for the next day makes such a difference.

But tonight, the kitchen is clean and my coffee is prepped! Yay.