And the Kitchen is Clean!

Moving The Blog!

Good morning!

I’ve switched to a different blogging platform! I’m still using the same name but it is a different address. And for those of you who subscribe to my posts, you’ll need to re-subscribe at the new location! I tried to figure out how to just change my whole subscriber list over but apparently I’m not as tech savvy as I thought I was, ha ha. 

You can find my current posts here The Unexpected Domestic 

if it looks familiar to some of y’all, that’s because it is! It’s my very first blog I had in like, 2012, and I have just decided I want to go back to using that again. I think it’s so fun and surprising that someone wants to read what I post and I love the excitement I get from finding out you’re reading about my life even though it’s pretty boring. 

Anyways, thanks for following along on here and I hope to decide to follow me to my new blog!