Snow Blizzard in Mississippi

I wrote this a couple of days ago and I just realized I never published it. Oops!

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Last Friday it snowed in Mississippi! It snowed a lot, not like how in the past the weather reporters would tell us it was going to snow and then it basically sprinkled down and didn't stick. It looked like there was at least four inches on Kevin's truck.

When I would look out one of our windows, I just could not get over how beautiful the snow looked. Every time it surprised me all over again the beauty of it and how bright and white it looked. 

The day started out with Eleanor waking up at four in the morning so we got to spend some quality snuggle time in the early morning. We walked out on the back porch in the dark and looked at the white that was taking over our world. She wasn't too impressed.

I woke Kevin up early so we could go out and look around to take pictures. For the most part, everything was so still! Once Finley woke up, we got him dressed warmly and took him out to experience it. He had fun but I don't think it really made a difference to him that it was snow. Except that it was something he could put in his mouth! 

It was so magical to be inside and watch the snow coming down. We watched a Harry Potter movie and also Elf! Aaaand we (I) drank lots of coffee. I'm sure a snow like this won't happen again for another 20 years!

The snow was still on the ground Saturday so I took the opportunity to run out and made a huge snowman! The sun was out so he didn't last very long. Especially since he was leaning to the side a little already. Fin really wanted to touch it but I was trying to keep his hands out of the snow as much as I could. Before I went inside I flopped on the snow to make a snow angel too! I couldn't keep Zoey from running through it but she didn't mess it up that much!


Meal Plan: 12/3-12/9

Hey there strangers! It's naptime here for the Haddox household so I'm sitting outside on my back porch with the doggos having some much needed quiet time. I've been pretty busy these past few weeks(more on that later) so sitting here with the quietness of a chilly afternoon is really nice and enjoyable.

Tomorrow will have been a year since I have posted anything on this blog of mine so I thought I would dive right in with my easiest post, a meal plan! This is what we will be eating this week:

Monday: Beef Stew with Rice

Tuesday: Popcorn Shrimp and Roasted Veggies

Wednesday: Spaghetti

Thursday: Shrimp Gumbo

Friday: Haddox Family Dinner

Saturday: Going Out

Daddy Comes Home Today!

So today Kevin comes home and I thought I would check in with my "hitch goals." I got 4 things out of 6 taken care of, 1 thing I started on, and one thing I didn't even try. Here's my original list:

1 - Submit DVDs and books to Amazon trade in program

2 - Start building chicken coop

3 - Clean out hallway closet

4 - Clean off front porch

5 - Remove stuff off bottom two shelves

6 - Weed front bed/thin out elephant ears

I did everything from that list except for cleaning out the hallway closet. Which is something that really needs to be done this month anyway! I looked into submitting the items to Amazon but most of what I wanted to trade wasn't available as a trade in and for the ones that were, the amounts I would get were all less than ten cents and right now that's not really worth my time, haha. 

Also, as with many projects around the house accomplishing these "little" ones made way for more to be done. Which in my opinion is a good thing because I believe in baby steps to getting things accomplished. One thing at a time, right? Ok well we will see what these next two weeks hold for our little family!!

Bump Report: 25 Weeks!

25 weeks!
How far along:
 25 weeks

How big is the baby: the size of a rutabaga, 1.7 lb; heartbeat is 146 this week.

Changes: My fingernails are growing like crazy!

Feeling: I can tell that my core is not as strong as it was.  It's hard to stand up straight for long periods of time.

Eating: Pimento and cheese sandwiches every day! Drinking lots of water



Bump Report: 24 weeks!

How far along: 24 Weeks

How big is the baby: The size of an ear of corn

Changes: It's getting harder to sit up from laying down, I have to kind of roll and push up!

Feeling: Tired. Just a simple walk wears me out!

Eating: Rice Crispie treats. Still. Loving pimento cheese sandwiches!!

Wearing: Maxi skirts and maternity shirts. Also some really lovely makeup I got last weekend and I love it!

Bump Report: 23 weeks!


How far along: 23 Weeks

How big is the baby: 1.2 LB

Changes: Not that much different from last week.  Still feeling those precious baby kicks.

Feeling: Lots of heartburn :(  Ready for some relief!

Eating: Rice crispie treats. All. the. time.  Loving orange juice.

Wearing: Maternity jeans! I love the ones from Target with the boot cut.  T-shirts from Target that are super comfy!  I hope I can find some more sometime.


I'm Pregnant!

Normally on Wednesday I try to do a garden diaries post but this time I thought I would share that I am pregnant! Yay!  On Monday I posted our pregnancy announcement on Facebook!  I had not decided until last week that I would do it, but the majority of people I know use Facebook as a way to keep up with others so I thought it would be fun to post it.  I feel so blessed and thankful seeing all the likes and comments that we got from our friends!

Ok, I'm just going to say that being pregnant is much harder than I expected.  Pregnancy and hormones hit every woman differently.  For me, I have experience an almost total lost of energy.  I have read and been told that it gets better during the second trimester, but so far this first trimester is kicking my butt.  When I get home from visiting people or work I usually go straight to my bedroom and lay down.  Unfortunately this has allowed to develop not-so-great habits.  Like a new addiction to constantly playing on my phone. 

I also thought that being pregnant during the summer would be easier if it was the beginning of my pregnancy but now I'm not so sure.  This week the temperature has been in the 90's before ten every morning.  It doesn't take long to get worn out if I'm outside especially with this heat and humidity.  It has been really difficult to do yard work and it's kind of frustrating because my garden needs me!  Around the house I pretty much do the cleaning that is needed but not much more than that.  I'm really hoping once I get into the second trimester I get my energy back!  If I am at home and I get a burst of energy I try to do something that I've been wanting to do before I lose it again.

I cannot wait to find out if our little "Baby Pete" will be a girl or a boy!  We have decided that waiting until birth to know the gender is not something we want to do.  Even though we have known for almost three months now, Kevin and I still randomly say "I can't believe we're having a baby!" to each other.  It is so unreal and I feel so surprised and honored and completely humbled. 

Weekend in Starkville!

This past weekend I took a quick trip up to Starkville to see my brother and my bestie!  It was a nice trip, I was able to take both of the dogs with me since they have a little bit more space for all of us.  I was not sure how the dogs would handle a long road trip but it turns out they are great travel companions!


I made it to Starkville late (for me) Friday night and we spent the rest of the night just hanging out and talking.  Saturday morning was spent drinking coffee and letting the dogs play together in the yard.  

IMG_3264 IMG_3273

Later Katherine and I went to town to go to a few shops.  There are several new places that were not there when I went to school there and it was exciting to go to those.  There is this place called Sprout that had a pretty neat entrance and front yard.  First of all, it's my favorite style of shop because it used to be a house and was transformed into a business.  But the best part was the rosemary bushes growing in the front! Katherine and I just ran our hands through the shoots.  Which resulted in our hands smelling like rosemary all afternoon.  There were also these raised garden beds that are going to be so beautiful when spring finally arrives!  That day they only had broccoli and kale planted.


We also went downtown to the coffee shop where Katherine works and to a neat store called Aspen.  They had a lot of cute knick knacks along with a lot of candles.  I found a couple of things that I wanted but held off.  I'm trying to be more deliberate about where my spending money is going.  Probably one of the coolest things I saw was at the coffee shop.  The entire back wall was covered in industrial baking sheets!  I love finding little creative aspects that add  to the overall feel of a place without being really obvious.


I was a little sad to leave my friends so soon but was very glad to be in my own bed on Sunday night!  Me and the dogs had a quiet trip back home.  They took turns napping and chewing on the bones I got them for the trip while I listened to the Creative Start Podcast.  I am looking forward to when I get to go back, but definitely not that drive!