Bible Study Week

This week we are having bible study at church with Brother Brent Long.  Last night was our first night and he introduced the topic that had been set on his heart: God's design for the family.  He asked us to keep a question on our minds throughout the week: "Is our home built and functioning based on God's design?"  This can be a really convicting thought because it is easy to lose our tempers or isolate ourselves when in the privacy of our homes.  It is also a good question to ask myself to make sure that I am following God's will for acting as a wife.  I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the week!  Join us at 7:00 every evening. Genesis 2.18

Ecclesiastes 4.9-12


an evening together :]

so...I have a bad habit of watching tv.  I hate that I watch so much of it.  It is truly a brain rotter.  I could just sit there and just mindlessly watch it for a whole day.  And then I feel horrible afterwards.  I began knitting again in the process of seeking a better way to spend my time. Then I discovered podcasts, which began my love affair, but I can discus that some other time.

Then one evening after Kevin and I had eaten supper, we were just sitting on the couch together in the quiet.  He was looking on his cell phone at cars and trucks, I was knitting.  I had read somewhere that week about a couple who had sort of a date night where they picked out like a playlist and they just kind of hung out together.  So for something that was different from watching tv, which is what we would normally do, I suggested doing something similar.  

So he created a Pandora radio station for us to listen to and I kept on with my knitting.  We occasionally talked with each other but not constantly.  It was really nice to just sit and not have the constant mind-numbing noise of the tv going.  Then I got to thinking and somehow came to the realization that Kevin probably does this more than I do.  When I asked him, he told me that, yes, when he is at work he often sits in his room listening to music and looking at the Internet.  

After I found that out, I felt kind of silly for thinking of how great an idea I had for us to do that!  But he said he liked that we were doing it so that made me feel better.  I can't wait for him to be home again so we can have another evening together.

christmas week festivities

Ok y'all! We are in the last week until Christmas!  Actually there are only a few days left.  I have a confession:  Last week when I went grocery shopping before Kevin came home, I kind of lost it at Wal Mart and bought like ten bags of chocolate.  Ok, no, I didn't buy that much, but I did buy two bags of dark chocolate chips and three bags of semi-sweet and two bags of mini m&m's and it just kept going from there.  I think one reason people love the holidays so much is that there is so many treats that are made!

I love making lists and with only a couple more days until Christmas I want to make sure I have everything done!  I have several things that I want to bake and other things that involve crafting!  Below are my two lists for the things I have planned to do:

Treats & Sweets
Fudge (double batch)
Puppy Chow
Crazy Crackers
Christmas Cupcakes
Mini M&M's (for snacks)
Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate

Crafting & Creating
Edible Gifts
Mississippi Pillow
Wrapping Christmas Presents
Gift Tags

Ok, so maybe some of the last ones weren't ones necessarily for Christmas, but they are things I want to do this week!  As you can tell, I use a lot of my links from Pinterest.  Honestly, when I go to search for something, I no longer use Google, I just go straight to Pinterest!  Ha, I know I can't be the only one.

Also we have moved our church service from Wednesday to tonight.  I am so looking forward to a night so close to Christmas to worship with my church family the birth of Jesus Christ!  If any of y'all aren't doing anything, please come and be with us!  It sure would be a blessing for us to have y'all there!
For unto us

happy Sunday y'all!

Hey y'all :) what a blessed day we have had! We heard a good sermon this morning on the gospel of Jesus Christ followed by an excellent lunch in the fellowship hall! Afterwards we had an encouraging devotional and then enjoyed the afternoon service brought by Heartdeep, a local gospel bluegrass group! I was really encouraged by brother chuck's words about "being the best woodworker." Even just reading the wonderful and uplifting words of truth gives me a renewed strength and peace!

Kevin and I also had a really good afternoon, just spending some time together around the house. We also took an afternoon drive and ended up at his grandmother's house for a few minutes! She has kind of like a living fence along the front of her yard that was made out of muscadine vines! So, of course I got a handful. :)

happy Sunday y'all!

goodbye to summer.

summer is wrapping up.  I can feel it in the air.  I believe we still have two more somewhat hot months ahead of us and I am glad for that!  Summer is definitely my favorite season and this summer was so great!  It seemed to fly by but when I think of all that has happened, it seems like summer lasted forever.  I am sad to say that I did not go fishing.  Not one single time did I sit in that boat and throw a line in the water!  I'm still not sure how this happened, but hey, there's always another day.  IMG_1264IMG_1234 IMG_1268

We went to the coast both weekends that Kevin was home and that was fun!  For my birthday, we went to The Blind Tiger in Bay St. Louis.  Adam and Katherine drove over from New Orleans to meet us there and we had a good time visiting and eating some yummy seafood!  The fish tacos were the bomb!  The next weekend, we went to Margaritaville with our friends and of course, we had a good time there as well.  My favorite thing to do there is to stand on the balcony and look over the back bay.  We could see the rain coming and it was pretty magical.  I tried to take some pictures of the six of us leaning over the balcony.  The blurry pictures are my favorite by far.  I love how we all look happy :) IMG_1291 IMG_1298 IMG_1312
I want to do a fall garden and my brother-in-law has agreed to help!  Side note: both my husband and his brother are pretty great.  I know we need to hurry and get the ground prepared.  Kendall is the tractor operator and I am the tractor watcher, lol.  I need to decide what to plant, I know for sure I want to plant pumpkins!  and maybe some snow peas?  What else can I plant in a fall/winter garden?  I'm sure I will find plenty of ideas.

Currently I've begun a late summer garden.  Jessica began some plants from seed but did not have the room to plant all of them so she gave them to me!  I've planted them in a plot of dirt where some of my chickens used to live.  I don't expect much out of them, but I am hopeful that I'll get at least a few tomatoes and/or jalapenos!  This is what my plot looked like when I planted the tomatoes last Saturday and then when I planted the jalapenos Tuesday! IMG_1285 IMG_1323 IMG_1324

I can post from my phone!

Well, I want to post more often than I do and since I currently use my phone all. the. time. What better way than to see if I can post from my phone! And apparently I can lol. Today has been a looong day for me. Kevin's truck is still needing a transmission so I had to go pick him up again! Oh the joys of being an offshore wife :) I am so glad he is home! Other than the obvious: he's my husband, duh. It is really nice to have someone at the house to talk to when I have things to say! To me that's quite possibly the worst parts of break ups or deaths or any other kind of separations, you don't have your friend there anymore. Not only is Kevin my hubby but he's also one of my best friends and I can't imagine life without him. Needless to say, I am overjoyed to have him home again for another hitch.

happy sunday y'all.

Y'all.  It is so pretty outside!  I know a few posts ago I mentioned it being cold in the mornings...well that is all gone now!  It is so so hot and humid now.  Yesterday after I watered all of my plants I actually turned the hose on myself!  It. felt. amazing. Maybe we can get a pool this summer! haha...prob not.  

This has been such a lovely day to spend with family.  We eat at Kevin's grandmother's house for Sunday lunch every week and I love it so much. It is so great to know that (almost) every Sunday we are all going to get to sit around the table with each other and talk and laugh.  I look forward to it every weekend and hate when we have to miss.  It is almost time for church again though, gotta run!