gates road garden


I've been daydreaming a lot today.  it is so nice to have dreams, don't you think?  I believe it began w/an early morning trip by the farmer'smarket and then i ordered some plans to build a new chicken coop so now I'm dreaming about farm life again.  I really should have gotten a degree in agriculture or something :)  I also went to lunch with Jessica and that really does not help any!  We get to talking about all our interests and we just keep getting more and more excited.

I am very excited about my chicken coop plans!  They were created by Heather Bullard and I actually discovered this coop through the blog Happy Days Farm

will do a fall garden of sorts along with a bigger herb garden!  A lot of my herbs are in my fancy pot stand that Kevin got me for Christmas but i believe that they will flourish if I plant them in the ground!

I feel like I have  to do list that changes daily.  It's a little shameful but I know I have so much in my house that I don't even use or sometimes even remember I have.  I really want to clear out my extra room.  I feel like if I do that, a lot of my distractions will go down.  You know, like when you have so much to do you just don't do anything? haha. that's where I'm at a little bit.

Kevin has helped me out with this distraction a little bit this week!  He has done the dishes for me this past week! :)  now, I really enjoy washing dishes, but they're kind of like laundry, the never really end.  I love that he does things like that especialy since then I have more time to spend with him!

Is anyone else daydreaming these days?

watering plants {thoughts}

I've gotten into a new routine of watering plants in the morning after my run and it is such a lovely time to do so! I began this just last week because honestly, my plants were looking pretty pitiful. As I was watering them this morning, I was looking at these plants that were such a pretty green that just a week ago were this brown-green color. This is not the first time that this has happened and every time I am amazed at what a little water and sun can do.
It got me to thinking of how awesome my God is and how he shows us examples of his love for us everywhere! To me, when I begin thinking about how everything works together and I see how everything he created is perfect. All of His creation is modeled after His perfect relationship with the church. Just as my plants thrived under a little bit of water and daily attention, so do we when we receive linking water from Christ. Jesus told the woman at the well 'But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall logive him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.' John 4:14.
Just as plants need water daily, God provides us with everlasting water! God is so amazing how He works out every detail of His creation, no matter how seemingly minute,

watering plants {thoughts}watering plants {thoughts}watering plants {thoughts}watering plants {thoughts}watering plants {thoughts}

goodbye to summer.

summer is wrapping up.  I can feel it in the air.  I believe we still have two more somewhat hot months ahead of us and I am glad for that!  Summer is definitely my favorite season and this summer was so great!  It seemed to fly by but when I think of all that has happened, it seems like summer lasted forever.  I am sad to say that I did not go fishing.  Not one single time did I sit in that boat and throw a line in the water!  I'm still not sure how this happened, but hey, there's always another day.  IMG_1264IMG_1234 IMG_1268

We went to the coast both weekends that Kevin was home and that was fun!  For my birthday, we went to The Blind Tiger in Bay St. Louis.  Adam and Katherine drove over from New Orleans to meet us there and we had a good time visiting and eating some yummy seafood!  The fish tacos were the bomb!  The next weekend, we went to Margaritaville with our friends and of course, we had a good time there as well.  My favorite thing to do there is to stand on the balcony and look over the back bay.  We could see the rain coming and it was pretty magical.  I tried to take some pictures of the six of us leaning over the balcony.  The blurry pictures are my favorite by far.  I love how we all look happy :) IMG_1291 IMG_1298 IMG_1312
I want to do a fall garden and my brother-in-law has agreed to help!  Side note: both my husband and his brother are pretty great.  I know we need to hurry and get the ground prepared.  Kendall is the tractor operator and I am the tractor watcher, lol.  I need to decide what to plant, I know for sure I want to plant pumpkins!  and maybe some snow peas?  What else can I plant in a fall/winter garden?  I'm sure I will find plenty of ideas.

Currently I've begun a late summer garden.  Jessica began some plants from seed but did not have the room to plant all of them so she gave them to me!  I've planted them in a plot of dirt where some of my chickens used to live.  I don't expect much out of them, but I am hopeful that I'll get at least a few tomatoes and/or jalapenos!  This is what my plot looked like when I planted the tomatoes last Saturday and then when I planted the jalapenos Tuesday! IMG_1285 IMG_1323 IMG_1324

my container garden.

At the beginning of March, I had a dream of having a beautiful plot garden this year.  I had spent many hours on Pinterest in January and February while recovering from my eye surgery and had discovered all these great looking gardens and different styles and I was determined I would have a garden.  I even drew out my plan for my little garden including all of the yummy veggies that I love to eat and could not wait to have them growing in my own backyard!  My wonderful b-i-l helped me with getting the plot worked up for me to plant everything and things were going along according to plan.


It looked great and we worked hard on it.  Then I kept putting off purchasing my seeds and baby plants.  One reason I waited was because of how cold it was.  Living in town my whole life, I've never grown a garden or hardly anything so I was hesitant because I didn't want my plants to die from the cold!  I also got distracted with working on my front walk, I laid brick down to make it all pretty and nice looking.  Then other things kept happening and the plants never got planted.  Kevina and I talked about it and decided to not do it this year but we did agree that I could have a small container garden.  I was so excited about my little bitty garden and could not wait to get started on it!  I have grown herbs in containers all year and have been successful with that so I figured it wouldn't be too much of a difference.  One day after work I went to Hill Hardware downtown and got a galvanized oblong bucket, some container soil, and several tomato plants, green bell peppers, okra, and peas!  Then it was on to plant my finds! Here is my container garden the first day I planted.  These pictures were taken on May 16, 2013  Containergarden.05.16.01

In the oblong container, I have four tomato plants and three bell peppers.  I am sure I will probably need to thin them out and repot some of the tomato plants in a better area.  Actually I am positive, after looking at the pictures that I took Friday. Containergarden.05.31.03

What a big difference in just two weeks!  I even have a bell pepper.  Sometime this week I plan to replant some of the plants in different pots in order to help them grow better and not be so crowded.  I put my tomatoes and bell peppers in the backyard beside my chicken coop and near my pecan tree.  When Kevin and I first moved into our house, this tree was so small!  It has grown tremendously in the past year and I love it so much.  I cannot wait for it to grow wider and will provide shade for me to sit in!



hello monday.

Good morning y'all!  It is another week here at the Haddox house and week seven of Kevin being home! I am getting so used to it and I love it!  Alright, let's go!

hello hot weather - it is a little cool at night now, but it is defintely hot during the day! this past saturday I was watering my plants and ended up turning the hose on myself.  It was magical.

hello backyard farm - due to circumstances we decided to not plant my big backyard garden, but I negotiated a small container garden.  I have this set out there by my chicken coop.  

hello coffee - I'm starting at the Second Street Bean two days a week! yay coffee. and seeing lots of people!

hello budgeting - I love putting together a budget and using spreadsheets and such!  I love reading blogs about tips and ideas on keeping all of that organized and everything.  Hopefully Kevin will get to go back to work soon so I'm preparing for that!