And the Kitchen is Clean!

Ugh. Well my kitchen is clean. But it’s like eleven o’clock.  Last summer I read  a post about building habits and the author would piggy back a task onto something that would happen no matter what.  For example, she wanted to start the habit of cleaning her kitchen and dishes every night. So she attached that task to her kids going to bed. Every night after her kids would go to sleep, she would go to her kitchen and clean up. Eventually the habit stuck. 

Sooo I decided I would do it too! I needed something to get into the habit that I just was awful at doing consistently. So every night after the kids go to bed I drag myself into the kitchen and clean it up. But it still hasn’t become second nature yet.

Wait, let me clarify, almost every night I go to the kitchen. If I skip a night, I always regret it the next morning when the kitchen is messy and I have to prepare the coffee when I wake up. Especially on the hitches when Kevin is gone, having the kitchen in order and ready for the next day makes such a difference.

But tonight, the kitchen is clean and my coffee is prepped! Yay.

Coming Up This Week.

I have several things that I need to get accomplished this week before Friday! Why Friday? Because on Saturday I have a maker’s market that I’m going to have a booth set up at and I need to spend Friday getting ready for that!

Yesterday I wrote a list of what I need to do and I feel like I’m already making good progress so that’s fun.  I keep thinking of how much more productive I am now that I’ve had kids and it’s just so crazy! I was so lazy before kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still lazy. I just don’t have as much free time to spend doing nothing like I used to!

So for this week a few of the things I want to get done:

  1. Make 5 child size bun beanies. I have about ten adult beanies ready to go and I think if I can get five more child size along with the two I made Saturday then I’ll be set.
  2. Finish knitted blanket. I’ve been working on a knitted blanket for almost a month now and I love it! If I wasn’t working on other stuff for the market Saturday I probably would have made a couple of them by now.
  3. Clear out cups and plates. Ok so this is something I did two years ago and my cabinets are in desperate need of decluttering. Especially the cabinet with all of our cups! We have had an explosion of cups with Christmas glasses still out, baby bottles, and toddler sippy cups being added. It’s stressful to just unload the dishwasher and try to find a spot for the cups to go!
  4. Hang up clean clothes. I have been doing a good job at staying on top of a regular routine with washing, drying, and putting up baby clothes and towels. Buuuut adult clothes have been in a basket for a week now. And I’ve just been pulling shirts and pants out as I’ve needed them. Please don’t judge.

Making lists of what I need to do around my house is a really helpful way for me to stay on task and actually get things accomplished. I may not get everything completed on my list but having a list keeps me from jumping from random task to random task! Listing out my projects also keeps me from thinking I can do 10 things when in reality I can only do 3.