hello monday

hello monday.

Good morning y'all!  It is another week here at the Haddox house and week seven of Kevin being home! I am getting so used to it and I love it!  Alright, let's go!

hello hot weather - it is a little cool at night now, but it is defintely hot during the day! this past saturday I was watering my plants and ended up turning the hose on myself.  It was magical.

hello backyard farm - due to circumstances we decided to not plant my big backyard garden, but I negotiated a small container garden.  I have this set out there by my chicken coop.  

hello coffee - I'm starting at the Second Street Bean two days a week! yay coffee. and seeing lots of people!

hello budgeting - I love putting together a budget and using spreadsheets and such!  I love reading blogs about tips and ideas on keeping all of that organized and everything.  Hopefully Kevin will get to go back to work soon so I'm preparing for that!

hello monday

hello computer software - I have accepted the task of uploading the sermons to this website called "Sermon Audio" where people all over the world can look up and listen to God's word from many different preachers.  kind of excited, I hope I do this right.

hello garden - this week I am going to work on my garden some more!  I need a garden rake to get the rest of the grass out of the little plot I have.

hello coffee - enough said.

hello new ideas - I have decided that I need to be more productive throughout the week.

hello pictures - I hope to get more pictures printed and get caught up in my project life album!

hello home improvement - even though we have already gotten our house re-appraised and gotten all the paper work settled out, we still have a long way to go on our house and I am dedicating to one task a week to get it finished with once and for all!

hello taxes - hopefully going to do our taxes today so we don't have to worry about that anymore :)

have a great week!

hello monday

hello rainy day - it rained all night and looks like it will be raining all day.  it sure does make me want to have a nice lazy day!

hello kevin - he comes home tomorrow!  so excited with what all we will do!

hello garden - last week, my brother-in-law and I began on my garden!  I can't wait to work the ground a little more!

hello pictures - finally, I am getting around to organizing and editing pictures from our wedding and honeymoon.  and by editing, I mean looking up tutorials on the internets because I have no idea what I'm doing!

hello exercise - a friend and I had our first exercise date yesterday afternoon. we walked three miles! three! go us :) we vowed to both keep it up.  unfortunately it's raining, so now walking in the park today!