And the Kitchen is Clean!

Ugh. Well my kitchen is clean. But it’s like eleven o’clock.  Last summer I read  a post about building habits and the author would piggy back a task onto something that would happen no matter what.  For example, she wanted to start the habit of cleaning her kitchen and dishes every night. So she attached that task to her kids going to bed. Every night after her kids would go to sleep, she would go to her kitchen and clean up. Eventually the habit stuck. 

Sooo I decided I would do it too! I needed something to get into the habit that I just was awful at doing consistently. So every night after the kids go to bed I drag myself into the kitchen and clean it up. But it still hasn’t become second nature yet.

Wait, let me clarify, almost every night I go to the kitchen. If I skip a night, I always regret it the next morning when the kitchen is messy and I have to prepare the coffee when I wake up. Especially on the hitches when Kevin is gone, having the kitchen in order and ready for the next day makes such a difference.

But tonight, the kitchen is clean and my coffee is prepped! Yay.

Eye surgery day.

Soo today I had what is hopefully my last eye surgery unless I get another detached retina! We had to be in Jackson at 5:30 this morning and that was rough. But I feel like everything went smoothly and on time. We were back home by lunchtime and pretty much went straight to bed. So far I haven’t had much pain, I’ve been able to just take Tylenol today.

I have an eye patch on my left eye, mainly to keep me from touching my eye while it heals. The doctor should take it off tomorrow and I’m pretty excited to see how my vision has improved. Getting a cataract after having a detached retina happened so gradually that I didn’t notice a loss of vision until it was pretty severe. I can already tell that my eye has healed some what underneath the patch because it keeps trying to open even though I can’t see anything because of the patch.

Kevin is still asleep but I’ve been up and around snacking and eating. We got lunch on the way home but I also got a whole jar of chocolate covered espresso beans. Oh my gosh I just cannot stop eating them! I finally put them up and got some applesauce. My go-to comfort food when I’m feeling sick. So far I’ve had two bowls in the last two hours! 

Both of our babies stayed the night at my mom’s last night and they’ve been there all day. I cannot wait to see them! It was Eleanor’s first night to stay away from me and I think she did pretty good! I wasn’t too worried, both of my children have turned out to be great sleepers and I couldn’t be more thankful! 

All four of us are going back to Jackson in the morning and I’m hoping for good news!

Meal Plan: 12/3-12/9

Hey there strangers! It's naptime here for the Haddox household so I'm sitting outside on my back porch with the doggos having some much needed quiet time. I've been pretty busy these past few weeks(more on that later) so sitting here with the quietness of a chilly afternoon is really nice and enjoyable.

Tomorrow will have been a year since I have posted anything on this blog of mine so I thought I would dive right in with my easiest post, a meal plan! This is what we will be eating this week:

Monday: Beef Stew with Rice

Tuesday: Popcorn Shrimp and Roasted Veggies

Wednesday: Spaghetti

Thursday: Shrimp Gumbo

Friday: Haddox Family Dinner

Saturday: Going Out

Daddy Comes Home Today!

So today Kevin comes home and I thought I would check in with my "hitch goals." I got 4 things out of 6 taken care of, 1 thing I started on, and one thing I didn't even try. Here's my original list:

1 - Submit DVDs and books to Amazon trade in program

2 - Start building chicken coop

3 - Clean out hallway closet

4 - Clean off front porch

5 - Remove stuff off bottom two shelves

6 - Weed front bed/thin out elephant ears

I did everything from that list except for cleaning out the hallway closet. Which is something that really needs to be done this month anyway! I looked into submitting the items to Amazon but most of what I wanted to trade wasn't available as a trade in and for the ones that were, the amounts I would get were all less than ten cents and right now that's not really worth my time, haha. 

Also, as with many projects around the house accomplishing these "little" ones made way for more to be done. Which in my opinion is a good thing because I believe in baby steps to getting things accomplished. One thing at a time, right? Ok well we will see what these next two weeks hold for our little family!!

it was not fri-yay..

So what was supposed to be a 20 minute pick me up of freshening up my room turned into a whole afternoon of washing all of my bedding. When I stripped the bed, I discovered that one of the dogs had gotten sick and vomited between the sheets the night before. Not only did I have to wash our bedding, but I also had to figure out how to clean our memory foam mattress! Naturally, I used Pinterest, haha. Unfortunately I had already begun washing our pillows before I discovered the mess between the sheets. So that was my Friday afternoon! Haha. This morning, Kevin left for work at his new job offshore. We spent the weekend together and went to Hattiesburg twice! I've been craving Cracker Barrel so he took me there to get some yummy breakfast food for lunch and then we did a little Christmas shopping. One thing we didn't get done before he left was make sure all the lights on our oak tree worked. Last year at this time, we strung lights in the oak tree in our front yard and I want to turn them on at Thanksgiving again this year. Hopefully they will all work! I lit some candles around the house today and it is nice to walk to different rooms and smell them! My mother gave me a candle that is scented fig and rhubarb, I was unsure if I would like it but it's totally my favorite of all of them!

Fri-yay. I guess?

Currently as I type this I am laying on my bed, resting. You know, they tell you when you're pregnant that you will be tired a lot but until I experienced it, I had no clue how much it would affect me. I find myself taking frequent breaks from even the simplest things I'm doing that normally I could just run straight through. And like, right now the baby is awake and constantly moving in my belly. Normally I like this, but right now, it's just making me feel like my stomach is unsettled lol. I need to change the sheets on my bed and vacuum the bedroom. I feel like it needs some freshening up and I really want to open the windows, but it's a little chilly outside! I may just do that anyway. We have one of my grandmother's paintings in here that I am anxious to get on the wall! I've got several craft projects going on right now and I'm feeling a little discouraged about them bc none of them are finished and I just want to snap my fingers and they are all done! I also think this might have to do with my pregnancy hormones too bc I am so up and down with my moods too. I've been making some headband ear warmers for Jenn and they are just so cute! Not to mention warm. I wish I had discovered this yarn earlier in my knitting journey but hey, I have it now! Ok I guess I will get myself up and freshen up this room of mine a bit!

Three weeks without a TV.

Three weeks ago on Sunday, our house was broken into and burglarized.  The thieves got many of our fairly expensive possessions including our televisions and all of my jewelry that I was not wearing. The first thing that Kevin said to me when I told him about the burglary was the verse from Matthew that says our treasures are in Heaven.  Although it was upsetting to lose my stuff, I was able to take comfort in God’s word and that’s what He wants us to do!

Matthew 6.19
Before we didn’t have any televisions, Kevin and I had already been discussing cancelling our programs and just watch our DVDs the same way we did when we first got married.  We hadn’t made the final commitment partly because new seasons of our shows we like to watch were coming back on.  But we wanted to save more money for when the baby got here.  We have also been seriously rethinking some of our habits we have in regards to how it would affect the baby.  I want our child to play outside as much as possible, I want him to be a maker and a dreamer and a learner.  I doubt I’m any different from other parents and expecting parents by thinking these things but I believe that going without a television will be a good step for us. :)

I feel like quitting television the way we did was a little easier on me.  I have been actively trying to watch less tv but when you live by yourself half the time, it’s nice to have something to add noise to the solitude.  But you know what else does that?  Music!  Which we also enjoy.  It was a little hard the first couple of nights without a television so I ended up watching a few movies on my laptop, but that didn’t last very long.  Watching tv is a habit.  It is habit to get up in the morning and turn it on even if you aren’t paying attention to it.  It is habit to sit down on the couch when it gets dark outside and turn the tv on.  But it is a mindless activity and not a good habit in my opinion.

Living without a tv takes practice.  I hadn’t thought about it until last Saturday night, Kendall was over and although there was no tv on, I was reading a book and the boys were looking at stuff on their phones.  He pointed that even without the distraction of the tv, we were still distracted from each other.  I kept thinking on this and at first I wondered if it was bad that we were still so distracted but then I realized that living this way will take practice.  I don’t know that we will always be without televisions, but for this time of our lives I really like the idea and possibilities!

Since I have had more time on my hands, I have gotten a lot of things done. I have more time to focus on reading the Bible more and spending time with God.  I completely fell in love with using water colors and have painted a few pieces.  I completed two rag quilts, and even made it to the library and checked out a few books.  I know I had a bad habit of mindlessly watching tv while playing on my phone and I am seriously looking forward to life without that distraction.

Bump Report: 23 weeks!


How far along: 23 Weeks

How big is the baby: 1.2 LB

Changes: Not that much different from last week.  Still feeling those precious baby kicks.

Feeling: Lots of heartburn :(  Ready for some relief!

Eating: Rice crispie treats. All. the. time.  Loving orange juice.

Wearing: Maternity jeans! I love the ones from Target with the boot cut.  T-shirts from Target that are super comfy!  I hope I can find some more sometime.


Bump Report: 22 weeks


How far along: 22 weeks

How big is the baby: the size of a papaya, 1 lb

Changes: I can feel the baby kicking! so far it is just on the inside.

Feeling: Tired easily, still.  I thought I would have more energy, but if I do a lot of stuff then it wears me out. I'm really excited because I feel like I finally look pregnant!

Eating: A lot of fruit, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Fried egg sandwiches for breakfast.  Pulp free orange juice, yum.

Wearing: Maternity jeans! I love the ones from Target with the boot cut.  T-shirts from Target that are super comfy!  I hope I can find some more sometime.